Saint Paul Port Authority

Sustainable Development Policy

The Saint Paul Port Authority, the lead agency in industrial development in Saint Paul, has a sustainable development policy that:

  • Requires every new building to undergo Xcel Energy’s Energy Design Assistance program
  • Offers services to businesses, through LHB Architects, that include an evaluation of material usage for increased durability, resource efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Offers services through Great River Greening’s High Performance Site Design, which promotes native planting and enhanced storm water management

Examples of Port Authority Projects with Green Components

Phalen Corridor:

  • 2.5-mile corridor
  • More than a hundred acres of polluted land and blight cleaned up
  • $600 million public/private investment
  • A public/private partnership with multiple City departments (Public Works, Planning and Economic Development, Parks and Recreation)
  • Hundreds of new quality housing units for people at various income levels
  • 2,100 new jobs
  • New transit and transportation improvements including Phalen Boulevard
  • New and improved parks and trails
  • Ames Lake, a reclaimed wetland and neighborhood amenity that replaced a dilapidated and blighted shopping center