Saint Paul Recognizes Preservation Efforts and 40th Anniversary of Heritage Preservation Commission

May 18, 2016

Mollie Scozzari
Department of Planning & Economic Development
City of Saint Paul
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Saint Paul Recognizes Preservation Efforts and
40th Anniversary of Heritage Preservation Commission  

26th annual Heritage Preservation Awards recognized a variety of individuals and projects

SAINT PAUL – Last night, the Heritage Preservation Commission of the City of Saint Paul and the Saint Paul Chapter of the American Institute of Architects hosted the 26th annual Saint Paul Heritage Preservation Awards Ceremony.

The event recognized projects, individuals and organizations that enhance and celebrate Saint Paul’s cultural resources through their preservation work. Over 150 people attended the event, including many former Heritage Preservation Commissioners.

“I’m so proud of the great preservation work we are able to recognize through the Heritage Preservation awards. The projects and organizations highlighted are meaningful in strengthening our sense of history and preserving Saint Paul’s heritage,” said HPC Chair Richard Dana.

Awards included:
• Community Education Award – Save Our Saint Paul Neighborhoods
• Cultural Heritage Award – Custom House: Restoring a St. Paul Landmark in Lowertown
• Organization Award – Preserve Frogtown
• Professional Award – Barbara Bezat
• Rehabilitation Award - Alexander Noble House 
• Rehabilitation Award – Fourth Street Preservation Project
• Rehabilitation Award – Olson & Beckler Company Building, 262 West 7th Street
• Rehabilitation Award – Syver Hagen House #2, 761 Third Street East
• Stewardship Award – Marjorie McNeely Conservatory, 1225 Estabrook Drive
• Vote of Confidence Award – Twin City Model Railroad Museum

Celebrating 40 years of the Heritage Preservation Commission
Today also marks the 40th year anniversary of the formation of the Saint Paul Heritage Preservation Commission. On May 18, 1976 the Saint Paul City Council adopted an ordinance establishing the Commission.

The ordinance states: “The Council of the City of Saint Paul hereby declares as a matter of public policy that the preservation, protection, perpetuation and use of areas, places, buildings, structures, and other objects having a special historical, community or aesthetic interest or value is a public necessity, and is required in the interest of the health, prosperity, safety and welfare of the people.”

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