Parks and Recreation Environmental Management Strategies

  • Natural Resource Management Plans
  • Restoration of Como Lake and Lake Phalen shorelines utilizing native plants to anchor the lakeshore, prevent erosion, and provide food and shelter for fish and wildlife
  • Planting of native prairie shrubs at Mounds Park, Harriet Island, Lilydale Regional Parks, and Mississippi River Boulevard
  • Establishment of a bluff management plan for the Mississippi River gorge and a Preliminary Restoration Plan for Pig’s Eye Lake
  • Management of storm water runoff on Harriet Island, including the use of bioswales, so that it is captured and filtered through a biofiltration system before reaching the River
  • Use of rain gardens in several areas of the City to filter the stormwater released into lakes and the River
  • Monitoring and regulating insects and other pests to minimize the use of pesticides
  • Eradication of invasive species
  • The $26 million Como Park Visitor and Education Resource Center underwent the Xcel Energy’s Energy Design Assistance analysis, which resulted in:
    • The use of photovoltaic panels, recycled materials, and sustainably harvested interior wood finishes
    • The glass in Tropical Encounters is positioned to reflect the summer sun away and intensify the winter sun
    • Rain runoff is collected and used to water plants
    • Waste water from the Tropical Encounters exhibit is treated and reused