Union Depot


Pursuant to the Federal highway bill passed by Congress in 2005, Saint Paul received $50 million to convert the Union Depot in Downtown Saint Paul into a regional transportation hub. The City and the Ramsey County Regional Rail Authority (RCRRA) are negotiating the acquisition of the concourse and platform from United States Postal Service and hope to conclude negotiations by the end of 2005. The RCRRA has sponsored the LOCATE Task Force since 2002 to determine how well the Union Depot’s head house, concourse and platform could accommodate various forms of public transportation View the Union Depot Phase II Analysis Summary.


A study concluded that Union Depot will accommodate:

  • One set of tracks for AMTRAK
  • Two sets of freight tracks
  • Three sets of commuter rail/high-speed rail tracks
  • Two sets of LRT tracks
  • One bay for taxis, airport shuttles, and limousines
  • One bay for express buses
  • One bay for local buses
  • One bay for Greyhound and Jefferson Lines buses
  • Space for bicycles