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I can't help but be drawn in by the sound, style, and warmth of Jim Falbo's guitar playing.  There is this simple glory in melodies played by Jim.  Just check out his website  and immediately, the samples start playing and you get this feeling like a baby angel was just born. Or, like the room is made of fluffy clouds.  Or, like falling in love with your SOS again.  Or, like falling in love with a stranger at first sight.  (Take caution: you might not want to look at strangers while listening to Jim Falbo.  I mean, unless you're trying to fall in love with a stranger. No judgment.) 

Jim's repertoire includes six categories! Classical/romantic, Spanish, South American, Latin/Jazz Fusion, Folk/blues, and contemporary.  Makes me feel kinda lame that I never mastered so much as strumming basic guitar chords.  But, if I were to ever be disciplined and skilled enough to play a guitar (one can dream!), I'd aspire to play with the quality, brightness, and flawlessness as Jim does.  He puts love songs on a whole 'nother level, like in heaven with cute newborn baby angels. 

I highly recommend seeing Jim play live as one of your V-day activities.  It would be really sad if you can't make his show at Studio Z this weekend , but you can always check out his upcoming shows on his site here:

If serenading guitar strums and delicate plucking aren't your thing, Saint Paul's got you covered.  Here are three more V-day live shows you might like.

Last Edited: August 9, 2016