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Hanging Baskets

Do You Want to Sponsor a Hanging Basket?
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The Blooming Saint Paul Hanging Basket program has expanded to approximately 580 baskets annually.  Baskets are sponsored by business associations, condo associations, community organizations and individual businesses.  Baskets are hung the week prior and the week after Memorial Day.  Baskets are removed the third week of September.  This program provides hanging baskets and maintenance for hanging baskets in the street right-of-way.

Basket Sponsorship Costs
Sponsorship costs include:
- Hanging Hardware - a one-time cost.  Hardware supports two baskets per light pole.
- Basket and Plants - Typical basket is 18" diameter.  24" diameter baskets are available for locations with specific site requirement.
- Install/Removal, Cleaning and Storage of Baskets
- Daily Watering - hanging duration is 16 - 18 weeks

2009 Costs per Basket
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Hanging Hardware                                $125
Basket and Plants
    18" diameter                                    $  46
    24" diameter                                    $  65
Install/Remove/Clean/Store                   $  28
Daily Watering                                     $  50

Total Annual Cost for an 18" dia. Basket
    1st year with Hanging Hardware        $249
    subsequent years w/out Hardware     $124

Prices vary slightly from year-to-year.

Hanging Basket Program Preferences
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- Sponsorship minimum is two baskets
- Hanging baskets have a bigger impact if many are hung in one area.  Sponsors should work with others to create an area of concentration of baskets
- Maintenance of hanging baskets is easier if many baskets are hung in one area.  If less than eight baskets are hung in a location isolated from other hanging baskets, maintenance costs might increase
- Hanging baskets can only be hung in the street right-of-way or on city property

For more information or to sponsor hanging baskets, contact Arts and Gardens Coordinator Mark Granlund at 651-632-2454 or  e-mail

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