This program offers homeowners no-interest deferred loans for emergency improvements to homes located in the City of Saint Paul.

All qualified homeowners can receive up to $40,000 for emergency repairs. Once funding is secured, the City of Saint Paul disburses the payments to the contractors when the project is complete.

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To help determine eligibility for the program, please submit an intake form. Please note that this is a preliminary form and all information will be verified prior to receiving any funding.

Applicants must:

Property must be a single-family unit.

Loan can be used for:

  • electrical repairs,
  • furnace/heating systems,
  • sewer lines,
  • and/or other emergency improvements for safety, habitability, or accessibility.

Emergency improvements include the most serious health & safety deficiencies, such as systems or structural failures which create an immediate danger to the home's occupants or the general public. More detail can be found in Attachment C of the program guidelines.

Income Limits

The Emergency Rehab Program uses HUD income limits.

Family Size80% AMI
1 person$68,500
2 persons$78,250
3 persons$88,050
4 persons$97,800
5 persons$105,650
6 persons$113,450
7 persons$121,300
8 persons$129,100
9 persons$136,900
10 persons$144,700
11 persons$152,600
12 or more persons$160,400


  • Type: Loan
  • Maximum award: $40,000
  • Loan terms:
    • Interest: 0%
    • Term: 15 years (loan is forgiven at an amortized rate of 1/15th annually)
    • Repayment: Deferred until borrower sells, transfers title or no longer lives in home. Fully forgiven if terms are met and homeowner remains in the home for the full 15 year term.



Step 1: Interest Form

Fill out the interest form and if eligible, a rehab advisor schedules initial inspection.


Step 2: Application

Staff will send the application and underwrites for eligibility.


Step 3: Eligibility

If eligible, applicants receives 6-month conditional approval.


Step 4: Lead Risk Assessment

Lead risk assessments are waived for Emergency Rehab on a case-by-case situation.


Step 5: Scope of Work

A rehab advisor builds scope of work with homeowner.


Step 6: Bidding Process

The homeowner selects the contractors available from the City’s approved contractor list. The project is submitted for the bidding process.


Step 7: Closing

The lowest bid wins the project and closing is scheduled. After closing and the rescission period ends, the rehab advisor submits the Proceed to Work order for the contractors to start the project.


Step 8: Payment Disbursements

Rehab Advisor inspects completed work and reimburses payments to the contractor. A final inspection is completed to issue the final payments to contractors.

Program Guidelines

The Saint Paul Housing and Development Authority (HRA) green-lighted updates to the Homeowner Rehab and Emergency Loan program at its January 11, 2023.

Download Full Program Guidelines

Last Edited: May 14, 2024