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Saint Paul Business awards


The Saint Paul Business Awards Program was launched in 2017 (RES 17-107) to recognize the outstanding businesses that call Saint Paul home.  The program recognizes local businesses that provide critical services, contribute to the City's community, invest in their employees and are committed to Saint Paul's values of equity and diversity.  Since then, twenty-four (24) Saint Paul businesses--small businesses to major employers and new start-ups to generations-old family firms--have been honored for their role in making Saint Paul a vibrant and prosperous city.


Business Awards Guidelines (Eligibility Requirements):  To be eligible for an award, a Saint Paul business must

- be committed to equity, diversity and empowerment,
- provide outstanding customer service,
demonstrate commitment to the community through volunteer work and contributions,
be in good standing with the City of Saint Paul (i.e., no outstanding fees, abatement issues, etc.),

- be involved in the community or make attempts to better the community as a whole,
not have been selected by the committee for an award in five years, and
not be a non‐profit organization.

(Preference will be given to businesses who hire young people as interns, either through the city’s Right Track program or in another way.)

2021 Online Nomination Form and Application

If you are a resident, customer or interested party who would like to nominate a Saint Paul business for one of the awards category (e.g., Good Neighbor, Traditions, People's Choice or New Kid on the Block awards), please use the Nomination Form below. You may nominate as many Saint Paul businesses as you like.  The nomination period has ended. 



If you are a Saint Paul business who has been nominated or wish to self-nominate your business for one of the awards category, please use the Application Form below.  The application period has ended. 


Business Awards Winners

Awarded Winners Video

2021 Winners

The program is in its fifth year and the nomination period started on October 22, 2021.  The nomination and application period ended in December 2021.  The Selection Committee had a virtual meeting where they deliberated on the 2021 Business Award winners.  An announcement of the winners was released to the media, district councils and community members and a presentation of the winners was made at a City Council in-person meeting on January 12, 2022.  A warm thank you goes out to all those who supported Saint Paul businesses during this challenging time. 

GINKGO Coffeehouse (Ward 4),
721 Snelling Avenue - People’s Choice Award - Honoring a business that is recognized for its excellence by Saint Paul residents.

GINKGO Coffeehouse
Lip Esteem LLC (Ward 4),
876 Selby Avenue - New Kid on the Block Award - Honoring a business that has opened in Saint Paul within the last five years.
Lip Esteem LLC
Golden Harvest Foods (Ward 6),
900 Maryland Avenue E - Traditions Award - Honoring a business that has been active in Saint Paul for at least 20 years.
Golden Harvest Foods
Hoa Mei Market & Deli (Ward 6),
860 Maryland Avenue E - Good Neighbor Award - Honors a business that show s a dedication to improving the community.
Hoa Mei Market & Deli

The 2021 awards winners were recognized at a Saint Paul City Council meeting on January 12, 2022. (RES 22-57)

The Selection Committee is made up of past winners from the Saint Paul business community, which deliberated and determined the 2021 Business Awards winners.  They include:























2020 Winners

The 2020 awards winners were recognized at a virtual Saint Paul City Council meeting on November 4, 2020 (RES 20-1482).

Flannery Construction (Ward 1), 1375 St. Anthony Avenue - Good Neighbor Award

Candyland (Ward 2), 435 Wabasha Avenue N. - Traditions Award

Jandrich Floral (Ward 2), 976 7th W. Street - People’s Choice Award

Karibu Grocery & Deli (Ward 7), 719 Payne Avenue - New Kid on the Block Award




2019 Winners

The 2019 awards winners were recognized at a Saint Paul City Council meeting on April 10, 2019 (RES 19-531).

Waldmann Brewery & Wurstery (Ward 2), 445 Smith Avenue N - New Kid on the Block Award

Brake Bread (Ward 2), 1174 7th Street W - Good Neighbor Award

A. Johnson & Sons Florist (Ward 3), 1738 Grand Avenue - Traditions Award

SIR Boxing Club (Ward 6), 1440 Arcade Street - People’s Choice Award






Nick Nelson, Media Services (Office of Technology & Communications), received 2nd Place recognition at the 2019 Minnesota Association of Government Communicators Award event.

2018 Winners

The 2018 awards winners were recognized at a Saint Paul City Council meeting on April 11, 2018 (RES 18-609).

Heritage Tea House Boutique (Ward 1), 360 University Avenue, Unit 103 - People’s Choice Award

Afro Deli (Ward 2), 5 W 7th Place - Large Business Excellence Award

Eyes All Over (Ward 2), 506 7th Street W - Alice O’Brien Award

Wet Paint (Ward 3), 1684 Grand Avenue - Open for Business Award

A Backyard Farm (Ward 4), 2171 Goodrich Avenue - Small Business Excellence Award

Hmong Elders Center (Ward 5), 1337 Rice Street - Reflecting St. Paul Award

Caydence Records and Coffee (Ward 6), 900 Payne Avenue - New Kid on the Block Award

Morelli's Market (Ward 6), 535 Tedesco Street - Traditions Award

2017 Winners

The 2017 awards winners were recognized at a Saint Paul City Council meeting on March 22, 2017.

El Burrito Mercado (Ward 2), 175 Cesar Chavez Street (RES 17-466) - Open for Business Award

Securian Financial Services (Ward 2), 400 Robert Street N (RES 17-459) - Large Business Excellence Award

Captain Ken’s Foods (Ward 4), 344 S Robert Street (RES 17-458) - Traditions Award

Element Boxing and Fitness (Ward 4), 655 Fairview Avenue N (RES 17-462) - Reflecting St. Paul Award

Urban Growler Brewing Company (Ward 4), 2325 Endicott Street (RES 17-461) - Alice O’Brien Award

Tin Cup’s Bar and Restaurant (Ward 5),1220 Rice Street (RES 17-465)- People’s Choice Award

Kamp’s Food Market (Ward 6), 1059 Western Avenue N (RES 17-460) - Small Business Excellence Award

Tongue In Cheek (Ward 6), 989 Payne Avenue (RES 17-463 ) - New Kid on the Block Award

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Last Edited: January 18, 2022