Employee Resource Network

About Employee Resources Networks

Employee Resource Networks (ERNs) promote and strengthen diversity, inclusion, employee retention and community building among the city's workforce. Sponsored by the city's ERN Council, our ERNs are initiated, chartered and governed by employees. Our groups provide employees personal and professional growth in groups formed along common interests or backgrounds (e.g., gender, disability status, ethnicity or race, sexual orientation, generation, etc.). ERNs may host meetings and activities to bring members together to share information and learning experiences. All employees are encouraged to participate in ERN activities.

By promoting sense of community, representation and inclusiveness amongst the city's workforce, ERN’s strategic direction facilitates one or all of the following critical areas: 1) talent development, 2) business operations and 3) organizational culture enrichment. 


Voluntary participation in an ERN purposefully rewards employees by supporting their core affinity, professional development, leadership growth, and greater access to industry leaders and executives. ERNs also provide opportunities for you to "try out" different skills than you normally conduct. For instance, if your job primarily concerns maintaining parks and recs facilities, you could volunteer with an ERN to help plan events and fundraise. Or maybe you're in Human Rights, you could improve your digital design skills by volunteering to help build your ERN's intranet webpage. Whatever your interest, ERNs are a great avenue for expanding your knowledge and professional toolkit. 

Employees may participate as Leadership Officers or General Members. All City of Saint Paul employees in good standing may join any ERN as long as they support the charter of the group. 

If you are a City of Saint Paul employee, additional employee resources are available at Saint Paul Connect (scroll to the bottom for the Link to the Employee Resource Groups).

City’s LGBTQ Liaison

Introducing the City’s LGBTQ Liaison

We are excited to announce that Asha Shoffner will serve as the City’s LGBTQ liaison.  In this role, Asha will work with the Chief Equity Officer in the Mayor’s Office to engage with the LGBTQ -community and serve as a resource both to employees and residents of the City.

Asha is a queer first generation immigrant, who has called Saint Paul home for over 30 years.  She serves as Saint Paul's Environmental and Outdoor Education Coordinator, and as the City's LGBTQ Liaison.  She is the co-founder and former co-chair of Saint Pride, Saint Paul's LGBTQ Employee Resource Network. She co-chaired the Parks and Recreation Department’s Equity Team in 2017 and 2018.  In 2019, she founded and co-created IWOC,The Indigenous and Women of Color Employee Resource Network, and currently serves as a co-chair.

Her life's work is focused around empowering underrepresented people and communities.  She wants to ensure that Saint Paul works for all of us, including those who have been historically marginalized or excluded from the queer community. 

Asha recognizes the disparities and intersections within the queer community.  As a liaison, she serves as an advocate and a resource for employees and community members to suggest and process ideas on how to make Saint Paul more safe and equitable for the queer community. 

When not working, Asha can be found running local trails, riding her bike, playing guitar, hanging out with her nephews, dismantling oppressive systems, and eating as much protein as she can.  She lives in Saint Paul with her cat Mouse Slayer "Slay" Shoffner and uses she/her pronouns. 

Asha may be reached at via email at asha.shoffner@ci.stpaul.mn.us.

Last Edited: February 25, 2020