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The Saint Paul Police Department is a full-service agency led by the Office of the Chief and four divisions:

The Department employs approximately 800 people, including more than 550 sworn officers. In 2023, the SPPD responded to about 215,000 calls for service and investigated about 11,500 Part I crimes.


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21st Century Policing Report

The Saint Paul Police Department is committed to 21st Century policing.

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Information and Data Requests

Did you know information regarding crime, traffic stop, and pedestrian crash statistics are available online in our public portal?  Check the Open Information portal first to see if what you want to know is already available publicly before making a data request.

Do you need:

  • A copy of a police or accident report
  • Pictures from an accident
  • Video from accident, traffic stop or arrest
  • Transcript of a 911 call
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Last Edited: April 15, 2024