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About the EV Spot Network

The EV Spot Network is a series of 70 renewably-powered curbside EV Spot Charging locations within Saint Paul and Minneapolis that offer public access to the new all-electric Evie carshare service and the EV spot electric charging stations.

This map shows EV Spot Network locations and the Evie carshare service area. Note that some locations are still being finalized and may be subject to change.

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Evie Carshare

Evie Carshare is a service of the City of Saint Paul operated by HOURCAR in a 35 square mile "Home Area" in Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

Similar to renting a car, using a car-sharing service lets you access a vehicle without having to own one. Unlike traditional car rentals, you can pick up one of many cars parked within the service area any time of day or night. Find available cars using the Evie/HOURCAR app on your smartphone.

Car-sharing makes car access a community resource, helping people save money, reducing air pollution, and lowering traffic congestion and parking demand in the area. For every car-sharing vehicle available in a community, the people of that community purchase 8 to 11 fewer cars than they did before. This lowers local air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions while protecting public health and helping slow climate change.

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EV Spot Charging for Personal Electric Vehicles)

Each EV Spot has two dedicated parking and charging spaces for personal vehicles and two spaces for Evie carshare vehicles. EV Spot Chargers are actively being installed throughout Saint Paul and Minneapolis. Stay tuned for exciting updates as the network grows! As chargers become available for the public, they will be visible on Plugshare.

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Project background information

For a draft map of EV Spot locations and the Evie service area, as well as site maps of each EV Spot location and project background and information, visit our project planning page.

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Last Edited: June 4, 2024