Technology & Communications


We support the business needs of the City of Saint Paul, foster government innovation, and enhance the lives of the residents of the most livable city in America by delivering high quality, secure, and cost effective information technology solutions.


We strive to be...

  • A trusted partner: We collaborate with leadership and consult with customers to establish priorities, strategies and policies. We measure ourselves by our customers' ability to meet their strategic goals.
  • Provider of exemplary IT services: We are known for a culture of innovation and continuous improvement and we are recognized as a leader in government IT.
  • An employer of choice: We are known for enabling, rewarding and empowering our employees. We provide them with opportunities for learning and the tools they need to be innovative and productive.
  • Advocates for an enterprise view: We respond to the business needs and priorities of the citywide organization, standardizing common tools and processes while accommodating the unique needs of each partner.
  • Responsible and transparent: We are fiscally responsible, accountable and transparent. We deliver services that provide value at a reasonable cost. We work proactively to reduce redundancy and leverage savings for future investments.

Areas of Operations

  • Application Development and Support
  • Operations and Infrastructure
  • Project Management Office
  • Communications Services

What We Do

We provide the resources and coordination necessary to:

  • Work in partnership with department and office management to identify and implement cost effective technology solutions to support business needs and objectives.
  • Plan, develop, and maintain a citywide infrastructure that is accessible, secure, effective and reliable. Create and maintain a desktop environment that supports employees in the performance of their daily operations.
  • Coordinate GIS use and expansion as a tool to provide improved information and services.
  • Plan, coordinate, and manage the city web sites - external and internal.
  • Research and monitor technology trends and identify applicability to the City for meeting strategic goals.
  • Administer the cable franchise and serve as the City's liaison in resolving customer service issues as appropriate.
  • Lead the City in the planning and development of video communications.
  • Produce "award winning" video programs and City and County meeting coverage for both Channel 18 and the City's website.