Hi East Side,

Welcome to my city council page. As your Ward 7 councilmember, I take pride in making sure that the East Side is centered in important decisions that impact Saint Paulites. No matter what zip code you live in, if you are a renter or a homeowner; you deserve high quality parks, libraries, and services from the city.  

I'm here to help. My office is committed to being effective, efficient, responsive, and proactive in the work we do. Feel free to contact my office at any time, our policy is to get back to every Ward 7 resident within 72 business hours. 

What kind of things can you contact my office about? Anything and everything. If you want to draw more attention to that pothole on your street, to that tire that was dumped in a backyard alley, or feel unsafe in your neighborhood, do not hesitate to reach out. If we don't know the answer or can't assist, we will get you to someone who will. 

A big goal of mine this year is building more relationships with folks on the East Side. If you are interested in grabbing a coffee (I love Storehouse Grocers), inviting me to an event, judging a school competition, let's talk! 

If you want to stay updated on the work, I post on my Facebook page regularly and also have an email newsletter you can sign up for. The link to do so is at the bottom of the page. 

It is my privilege to represent you at City Hall and look forward to continuing my work to make our community a better place.  


Councilmember Johnson in the News

Councilwoman Cheniqua Johnson shaking hands with county clerk after being sworn in on a bible held by her husband.

History made: Worthington native Cheniqua Johnson joins all-female St. Paul City Council

Councilwoman Cheniqua Johnson listening during a city council meeting in a segment from Good Morning America. Chyron reads: St. Paul Elects All-Women City Council

Minnesota city elects all-women city council

Councilwomen Cheniqua Johnson and Rebecca Noecker pose for a photo

Two St. Paul council members reveal how they overcame deep divisions to pass cease-fire resolution

Councilwoman Cheniqua Johnson portrait in front of a blue background.

40 Under 40: Cheniqua Johnson

Screenshot of audio player with photos of Councilmembers Cheniqua Johnson and Anika Bowie, plus a photo of podcaster Tavis Smiley.

Councilmembers Anika Bowie and Cheniqua Johnson joins Tavis Smiley

Councilwoman Cheniqua Johnson and Abdulahi Farah, director and lead organizer of ISAIAH, introduce resolution to recognize and commemorate the month of Ramadan

Ramadan officially recognized in St. Paul

Community Resources

City and State Government Pages:
My office can help with navigating these pages for anyone having challenges or not getting responses. Feel free to reach out. 
For Residents: 
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District Councils: 
Saint Paul has a District Council system designed for neighborhood engagement and participation. Get in touch with your District Council to find out how you can be involved.

About Councilmember Johnson

Cheniqua Johnson is the Ward 7 City Councilwoman in Saint Paul. Johnson was the first woman, person of color, and at age 28, Johnson is the youngest person to be elected in Ward 7 and the second Black woman to be elected to the city council.

She has a bachelor's degree in Family Social Science from University of Minnesota, and a certificate in Political Science and Government from Marquette University. She is passionate about public service, philanthropy, economic development, health, domestic violence prevention, and civic engagement.

Collectively, Johnson has almost a decade of prior experience in community engagement, political organizing, and in local, state and federal government. 

Most recently, she was a Program officer at the Saint Paul and Minnesota Foundation. Prior to that, she served as a legislative assistant in the United States House of Representatives, the District Outreach Coordinator to Hennepin County Commissioner Angela Conley, and the state outreach and inclusion officer for the Minnesota DFL.

When Johnson is off the clock, she's a big foodie and is an avid tennis player. This August, she will be marrying her fiancé Nate, a Harding High School graduate.  

Last Edited: July 1, 2024