The City of Saint Paul strives to provide safe and well-maintained streets. Taking care of potholes in a timely manner prolongs the useful life of streets and reduces future maintenance and rehabilitation costs. Saint Paul Public Works fills and patches potholes all year round.


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How to Report Potholes

Filling Potholes in Cold Temperatures

In the winter, potholes are patched with a special type of asphalt called “winter mix.” Winter mix uses a softer, stickier asphalt that can be compacted into a hole even in below-freezing temperatures. Winter patches are temporary as the mix warms with the spring and summer temperatures and the material becomes too soft to stay in place.

Filling Potholes in Warm Temperatures

In the spring, summer and fall, potholes are patched with “hot mix” asphalt - the same asphalt used to build new roads. Hot mix patches last anywhere from a year to several years. Hot mix is not available until late March or April, depending on weather conditions.

Reporting Damages from Potholes

If you believe your vehicle was damaged due to a pothole, you can submit a claim form to the City of Saint Paul at

Please note that for claims the City must have received prior notice of the pothole/street defect and then failed to correct the defect in a reasonable period of time based on the available crews. 



Last Edited: May 18, 2021