Heavy construction equipment digging in a roadway
Heavy construction equipment digging in a roadway

On the behalf of the people of Saint Paul, our City government buys millions of dollars’ worth of goods and services every year, from heavy machinery to software consulting. Our Procurement Division makes sure every dollar the City spends is a wise investment of public resources, expands economic opportunity for Saint Paul communities, and makes our City better for all.

Procurement Words to Know

Government contracting is a little different from other kinds of business. Here are some of the terms you may encounter when doing business with Saint Paul.

  • Advertisement: The City’s public announcement of goods or services that we want to buy.
  • Award: The City’s agreement to contract with a business. When we agree on a certain purchase, we “award a contract.”
  • Bid: An offer to sell something for a fee.
  • Bid bond: A legal guarantee that a business will honor the terms of its bid if the City awards it a contract.
  • Event: A procurement event — that is, a specific opportunity to do business with the City. Businesses “respond to an event” by submitting bids or proposals.
  • Procurement: The process of finding, selecting, paying for, and taking care of goods and services.
  • Proposal: An offer to provide a service for a fee.
  • Solicitation: The City’s public request for bids or proposals.
  • Supplier: A business that is registered to do business with the City.
  • Tabulations: A public record of bids the City has received in response to a solicitation.
  • Vendor: A supplier who is being paid by the City.

Learn how Saint Paul allocates public funds

Open Budget Saint Paul lets anyone explore how our City allocates public resources, including the goods and services we contract to purchase here in the Procurement Division. Explore the data below, or click here to explore Open Budget in a new tab or window.

Last Edited: May 30, 2024