Saint Paul Regional Water Services

Saint Paul Regional Water Services supplies reliable, quality water and services at a reasonable cost to the city of Saint Paul and neighboring communities.

Find out where your water comes from and how we treat it.

Main and Hydrant Flushing

Saint Paul Regional Water Services flushes its fire hydrants and water mains every year.

Why flush the hydrants and pipes?

This Uni-Directional Flushing program allows us to:

  • Ensure all of our hydrants, valves and mains are in good working order
  • Ensure we have good water quality by scouring and cleaning the pipes
  • Ensure the reliability of our system

What happens when you flush out the water?

We open a hydrant and main valves in a specified area, allowing the water to run out onto the street and back into the storm sewer system.
As fresh water rushing in from our supply system exits out the hydrant, it stirs up the water and lifts out debris and sediment that might have accumulated in the pipes and hydrant.

We only flush in areas where there is a known problem with rusty water or low disinfectant residual.

We only flush in summer months.

We are a surface water supplied system. The water came from the river and will be returned to the river.

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Lead and Household Water

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