Road Closures

Current Construction-Related Road Closings & Restrictions

Current Construction-Related Road Closings & Restrictions
Road From To Restriction Type Start Date End Date Description Project Owner
3rd Johnson Pkwy White Bear Ave Full Road Closure 08/1/16 11/1/16 City of St Paul Construction Project PW-Street Desgin
3rd St Ruth McKnight Lane Restrictions 05/8/16 08/26/16 Water Main Lining SPRWS  
3rd St Johnson Pkwy Whitebear Ave Lane Restrictions 04/24/16 07/31/16 Water Main Lining SPRWS  
5th 7th @ Intersection Full Road Closure 07/25/16 9AM 07/27/16 6AM Installing DE Pipe to Roy Wilkins - EB 5th Closed CKC/District Energy
5th 7th Washington Lane Restrictions 07/27/16 6AM 07/28/16 5PM Completing District Energy Pipe Installation-1 Lane Open CKC/District Energy
5th 7th Washington Full Road Closure 07/25/16 07/27/16 6AM installing District Energy Pipe CKC/District Energy
5th Robert Jackson Lane Restrictions 07/5/16 10/31/16 1-Lane Only; Jackson St Rebuild PW/Street Design-Veit Construction
5th Jackson Sibley Lane Restrictions 06/15/16 08/5/16 Rebulding MH at Intersection Xcel Electric
6th Sibley Robert Lane Restrictions 07/5/16 10/31/16 1-Thru Lane Only; Jackson St Rebuild PW/Street Design-Veit Construction
Cedar Sherburne MLK Full Road Closure 07/30/16 6AM 07/30/16 4PM Construction at State Capitol Building JE Dunn
Chatsworth St Front Ave Horton Full Road Closure 04/3/16 07/30/16 Road Reconstruction, Palda & Sons/ City Project  
Cretin Sargent Princeton Lane Restrictions 07/18/16 07/29/16 Manhole Work CenturyLink
Dale St I-94 Entrance Ramp (West Bound) Ramp Closed 06/26/16 8:00 PM 11/11/16 Bridge project MnDot
Dale St I-94 Entrance Ramp (East Bound) Ramp Closed 06/26/16 8:00 PM 11/11/16 Bridge Project MnDot
Elway St Shepard Rd Montreal Ave Lane Restrictions N-bound Closed 04/3/16 07/26/16 Gas Installation. Xcel Gas  
I-35E Saint Claire Ave S-Bound Exit Ramp Full Road Closure 05/22/16 07/31/16 Bridge Repair MnDOT
Jackson 7th Place Kellogg Full Road Closure 07/5/16 11/1/16 Jackson St Reconstruction PW Construction
Jackson Kellogg Shepard/Warner Rd Full Road Closure 07/18/16 08/31/16 Jackson St Rebuild PW-Street Design
Jackson St 9th St 6th St Lane Restrictions 12/31/15 10/8/16 Manhole Work. Xcel Electric.  
Kellogg Robert Sibley Lane Restrictions 07/11/16 10/31/16 1-Lane Each Direction; Jackson St Rebuild PW/Street Design-Veit Construction
Lexington Albion Montreal 07/18/16 07/29/16 Gas Main Installation Xcel Gas / Q3
Maryland Ave L'Orient St Jackson St Lane Restrictions 05/1/16 08/30/16 Bridge Work. Ramsey County  
Minnehaha Chatsworth Oxford Full Road Closure 07/27/16 07/27/16 Sanitary Sewer Repair Benjamin Franklin Plumbing
Minnesota 4th 5th Lane Restrictions 07/29/16 730AM 07/29/16 4PM Blood Drive-Minnesota St E-Side Lane Red Cross
Montreal Ave Elway St Shepard Full Road Closure 05/22/16 07/26/16 Gas Main Installation. Xcel Gas / Q3.  
Montreal Ave Lexington Pkwy Hamline Ave Lane Restrictions 05/8/16 07/29/16 Gas Main Installation. Xcel Gas /Q3.  
Phalen/Pennsylvania L'Orient St Olive St Lane Restrictions 03/31/16 07/30/16 Cayuga Bridge Project MnDOT  
Prior Ave Bridge Roblyn Ave St. Anthony Ave Full Road Closure w/Detours N & S Bound Posted 04/26/16 08/14/16 Bridge Work. MnDOT.  
Randolph Lexington I-35E Full Road Closure 06/13/16 07/22/16 County Project Ramsey County
Randolph Ave Hamline Ave Lexington Pkwy Full Road Closure 04/28/16 09/30/16 Road Reconstruction Ramsey County
Rice Aurora St Anthony Lane Restrictions 07/25/16 07/29/16 Sidewalk/DW Apron Restoration; SB-Curb Lane Amcon Construction
Shepard / Warner Rd Childs Rd Randolph Ave Lane Restrictions 05/17/16 09/1/16 County Road Constructions Ramsey County
Smith E of Walnut W of Walnut Lane Restrictions 07/18/16 08/12/16 Remove Concrete Vault Deck & Make Repaiars CKC/District Energy
Snelling Berkeley Wellesley Lane Restrictions 07/18/16 07/22/16 Sewer Work Commercial Utilities
St Albans St Kenwood Pkwy Pleasant Ave Full Road Closure 05/22/16 07/22/16 Gas Main Installation. Xcel Gas / Q3  
St Clair I 35 E Bridge Full Road Closure 06/16/16 08/15/16 Bridge Repair MnDOT
University Prior Lane Restrictions 07/12/16 830AM 07/22/16 330PM Hoisting-Prior Crossing Housing Project Watson-Forsberg
Water St / Lilydale Rd Justice O'Hage State / Smith Ave Bridge RR Bridge Crossing Full Road Closure 07/18/16 11/15/16 St Paul Park Construction St Paul Parks Dept
Western Hatch Lawson Lane Restrictions 07/11/16 07/22/16 Repair Electrical Conduit Xcel Energy
White Bear Ave Minnehaha 3rd St Lane Restrictions 06/20/16 07/22/16 Install 6" Gas Main Xcel Energy Gas
White Bear Ave Minnehaha Old Hudson Rd Full Road Closure 07/11/16 11/1/16 Street Reconstruction Ramsey County


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