Road Closures

Current Construction-Related Road Closings & Restrictions

Current Construction-Related Road Closings & Restrictions
Road From To Restriction Type Start Date End Date Description Project Owner
5th St W Market St St Peter St Lane Restrictions 04/16/18 9AM 05/15/18 5PM Daily Hoisting Material to St Paul Hotel Roof Berwald Roofing
Arcade St & Maryland Ave Arcade St NB (IFO Walgreens) Maryland Ave EB (IFO Walgreens) Lane Restrictions 04/23/18 9AM 05/4/18 5PM Widening SE Corner of Intersection Met Council / Thomas & Sons
Broadway St 4th St E 5th St E Full Road Closure 04/17/18 9AM 04/20/18 3PM Repairing Manhole/St Restoration In Progress PW-Street Maitnenance
Chestnut, Eagle Pkwy & Exchange Lane Restrictions 03/23/18 09/1/19 Apartment Construction Benson-Orth
Concordia Ave Snelling Ave N Asbury St N Lane Restrictions 04/18/18 9AM 04/18/18 3PM Hoisting to Remove & Replace Sign Spectrum Signs
High Bridge (Smith Ave) Cliff St George St Full Road Closure 09/5/17 11/2/18 Bridge Deck Replacement MnDOT
Maryland Ave E Luella St Hazel St Lane Restrictions 04/9/18 05/23/18 Sanitary Sewer Installation Lametti & Sons
Victoria St N Como Blvd E Como Lake Dr E Full Road Closure 03/20/18 04/20/18 Sewer Improvements PW-Sewer Department


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