Road Closures

Current Construction-Related Road Closings & Restrictions

Current Construction-Related Road Closings & Restrictions
Road From To Restriction Type Start Date End Date Description Project Owner
Chestnut Exchange 7th N-Bound Closed 11/22/16 02/27/17 Opus
Chestnut 7th St W Smith Ave Full Road Closure 03/1/17 9AM 03/1/17 3PM Hoisting to 310 Smith from Sherman St Armstrong Crane/United Hospital
Ford Pkwy Cretin Woodlawn Lane Restrictions 03/1/17 05/12/17 Sewer Shaft Construction-Lane Shifts ECI/St Paul Sewers
Minnehaha Ave E Hazel St N White Bear Ave Lane Restrictions 02/15/17 9AM 04/30/17 Lane Shifts E&W of Van Dyke for MH Access at intersection PCiRoads/Ramsey Watershed District
Thomas Ave Griggs Lexington Full Road Closure 02/23/17 9AM 02/23/17 3PM Tree Removal St Paul Forestry
Wabasha St N 6th St 7th Place Full Road Closure 02/25/17 7AM 02/25/17 7PM Removing Facia at Old Macy's Building Carl Bolander/MN Wild
Wheelock Pkwy Phalen Drive E Arcade St Lane Restrictions 12/5/16 03/10/17 W-Bound Closed for Sewer Interceptor Construction Visu-Sewer/MCES


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