City Attorney


The Saint Paul City Attorney's Office is the second-largest municipal law office in the State of Minnesota. The Saint Paul City Attorney's Office provides legal counsel and civil litigation services to the:

  • Mayor
  • City Council
  • City Departments
  • Housing Redevelopment Authority
  • Port Authority
  • Public Housing Agency

In addition, the Saint Paul City Attorney's Office prosecutes the criminal violation of:

  • City Ordinances
  • State Misdemeanor Statutes
  • State Gross Misdemeanor Statutes

Mission - Our Goal

The mission of the Saint Paul City Attorney's Office is to deliver outstanding legal services to the city by:

  • Providing sound legal advice and superior legal representation to city officials to help them achieve their goals
  • Representing the city in litigation matters
  • Protecting public health, safety, and welfare by effectively prosecuting misdemeanor-level crimes

What's New

Driving Diversion Program

View information about the City of Saint Paul's Driving Diversion Program. See also the Minneapolis Star Tribune editorial regarding the Driving Diversion Program.

Saint Paul Blueprint for Safety

In partnership with the Saint Paul Police Department, Saint Paul Domestic Intervention Project, ISAIAH and other public agencies, the City Attorney's Office participated in the creation of the "Saint Paul Blueprint for Safety." The Blueprint is intended to establish a system wide best practice in dealing with domestic abuse in our communities and to prevent homicides.