Representing justice for the City of Saint Paul

The Saint Paul City Attorney’s Office Civil Litigation Division provides the highest quality legal services in its representation of the City, its employees, and public officials in civil cases at the trial and appellate level in federal and state courts and administrative proceedings.  Attorneys defend a myriad of legal issues, including cases that involve property damage, claims of constitutional and civil rights violations, issues arising under the Americans with Disability Act, wrongful death, personal injury and commercial and construction disputes.

In addition to handling an active case load, the Litigation Division works with management officials in various City Departments to assess the potential for claims and to ensure adherence to good government practices within our community.  The Division also works proactively to investigate potential legal matters that may be made on behalf of the citizens of St. Paul, including issues related to consumer protection, mass tort and environmental clean-up.

More information regarding the role of the City Attorney’s Office can be found in the City Charter at Section 3.02.

The Litigation Division does not provide legal guidance or counsel to residents.


The Civil Litigation Division’s mission is to successfully manage all litigation within the City Attorney’s Office, provide each client with exceptional representation, and prioritize resources to ensure that the City’s defense is handled efficiently and resolves in the best interest of the City of Saint Paul. 

Last Edited: March 3, 2021