Representing the City of Saint Paul throughout the legal process

The Saint Paul City Attorney’s Office Civil Litigation Division is responsible for representing the City, its employees, and public officials in civil cases at the trial and appellate level in both state and federal courts.

Attorneys serving the Litigation Division have a breadth of legal experience in both the private and public sector.  With their diverse legal backgrounds, litigators effectively, yet efficiently provide zealous representation in defending the City’s vital and important work for its residents.  At the same time, when incidents or accidents involving the City do occur, attorneys within the Department strive to provide a balanced approach and litigation perspective to advance the core mission of the City of St. Paul.  Together, these City Attorneys have defended numerous actions and in doing so, at the foundation of their decision-making process is always how the Department can best serve the residents of our community.  In addition to defending the interests of the City, litigators explore areas of potential affirmative litigation to ensure that laws written are equitably enforced to protect all of the citizens of St. Paul and have joined with other governmental entities seeking to empower cities to assist the under-served sectors of our community and remedy issues that negatively impact the city’s economy. 

Last Edited: March 3, 2021