Permit application review times during the pandemic

Our office is providing in-person customer service while observing public health guidelines including social distancing. Wearing a mask is optional; however, if you are sick, please wait until you are well before visiting our office.

A high-level review will be provided by Plan Review staff to determine if a project can be reviewed over the counter or should be put in the queue for more detailed review at a later time. Plan Review staff work a hybrid schedule with some staff working remotely while others are on site. If you need to speak with a specific plan examiner about a project, please contact the plan examiner by phone or email ahead of time since we cannot guarantee they will be in office to discuss your project in person. For more information about the plan review process visit this page


What you should know before applying for a permit

  • When is a permit required?

  • To find Building Information & Applications visit this page

  • For all building permits, the permit holder is responsible for ensuring the work is done to code and the project is properly inspected by the City.

License requirements for residential building/remodel contractors

The City requires that all residential building contractors and remodelers performing general building or remodeling on a structure that has less than four dwelling units (including detached garages) be licensed. To learn more about the city contractor license and to find the application form, visit this page


Last Edited: May 11, 2023