Engineering and Plan Review

The fire engineering office reviews permits and performs inspections on kitchen hood, fire suppression, fire alarm, smoke control, and special suppression systems. Fire sprinkler and fire alarm contractors must be licensed by the state of Minnesota. Once a permit is applied for and meets the threshold for a plan review, a fire systems inspector or engineer reviews plans for sprinkler systems, alarm systems, kitchen hood, and special suppression systems. The fire engineer also reviews building plans in conjunction with the building plan review department for other life-safety systems, including exiting and separations.

Current thresholds for plan review:

  • Sprinkler permits over 25 heads
  • Alarm permits over 100 devices
  • All kitchen hood installations
  • All clean agent systems 
  • All smoke control systems

The engineer consults with design professionals, building owners, and other City agencies to assure conformance with all fire and life-safety requirements in Saint Paul buildings. The engineer also is available to consult with Fire Prevention Inspectors for code correction assistance and advice.

Permit Process

Last Edited: July 5, 2023