About Ward 1

Ward 1 Map (January 2023)

The Heart of the City, Ward 1 includes the Thomas-Dale (Frogtown), Summit-University district councils/neighborhoods, the portion of the Union Park District Council that is east of Snelling Avenue, the North End Neighborhood, and includes the Lexington-Hamline and Snelling-Hamline communities. Ward 1 represents "the heart of Saint Paul," in terms of both geography and composition. The neighborhoods in Ward 1 comprise the City's most racially and economically diverse ward and provide a rich tapestry of people and history. Ward 1 is home to the Saint Paul Cathedral, Golden Thyme Cafe, Penumbra Theatre, Mai Village, the Minnesota Transportation Museum and the Rondo Community Outreach Library.

View a map of the ward as of January 2023. 

About Councilmember Anika Bowie

Councilmember Anika Bowie is a life-long Saint Paul resident, a big sister, a proud aunt, an entrepreneur, a creative in the field of arts for social change, a community organizer, and a policy strategist. She has worked on grassroots campaigns for 12 years and has talked with thousands of voters to help elect progressive candidates across the country. For nearly 100 years, Councilmember Bowie's family has made Saint Paul their home. She is a proud alumna of Saint Paul Central High School and Hamline University in Saint Paul.

Councilmember Bowie joined the Saint Paul City Council in 2024.

News from Ward 1

Last Edited: June 18, 2024