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Public Works connects all of Saint Paul's neighborhoods and people by transforming our public infrastructure to deliver safe, sustainable, and equitable systems to meet the changing needs of our communities now and in the future. 

Saint Paul Public Works is a nationally accredited department with approximately 350 employees who are responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of the City's infrastructure that is used millions of times each day by residents, businesses, commuters, and visitors to Minnesota's Capital City. 

  • 1,874 lane miles of streets & 330 miles of alleys (2,603 alleys)
  • 806 miles of sanitary sewer & 450 miles of storm sewer
  • 107 bridges (71 city-owned, non skyway)
  • 145 miles of bike lanes
  • 37,871 street lights (on 33,105 street poles)
  • 413 signalized intersections
  • 12,000 annual right of way, transportation, utility plan, sidewalk cafe, & residential parking permits issued
  • 1,970 parking meters/spots (193 pay stations and 430 coin meters)
  • 80,000 households for garbage service
  • 1,183 miles of sidewalk, including 40 miles of sidewalk connected to bridges and 10-12 miles of bike trails, as well as 37 locations of public steps and 98 locations of public crosswalks, islands or medians maintained in the winter by Public Works
  • 123,500 households for recycling services

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Public Works builds, maintains and enhances public infrastructure to respect and preserve our environment and assets. Our dedicated employees are committed to providing great service in a safe and cost effective manner.


Decisiveness, Accountability, Teamwork, Inclusiveness, Communication


To be a  world-class Public Works department.

2021 Accomplishments

Saint Paul's Public Works Department consists of more than 325 talented individuals who plan, build, maintain, repair, operate, and manage the Capital City's public infrastructure and citywide programs and services for our residents, businesses, commuters, and visitors. We are proud to make a City that works for all of us.

This past year with unprecedented changes, challenges and opportunities, we continue to serve and improve the livability for our community. Below is a list of several of the highlights and accomplishments -- some are regularly seen and used by thousands of people everyday, such as the completion of the three-year Downtown Pavement and Sidewalk Improvement Project, while other accomplishments are more behind the scenes to build efficiencies, collaboration, connection and cost-savings, like the launch of our Sewer Services Record Center or the pilot of Zendesk to improve customer service and tracking metrics.  

Here's a list of some Public Works highlights for 2021 (in no particular order):

  • Installed approximately 10 miles of traffic signal fiber optic cable through multiple projects including the Downtown Signal Improvement project, the Lexington/Snelling project and several other signal and interconnect projects,
  • Substantially completed the Downtown Signal Improvement project, which replaced 76 traffic signal controllers and put all of our downtown signals on fiber communication, and includes 10 new operational Dynamic Message signs.
  • 10th Street Interim Capital City Bikeway project was completed.
  • Completed the two year study of the western corridor of the Capital City Bikeway and received final approval to place the Capital City Bikeway on Wabasha Street.
  • Worked with Saint Paul Public Schools to review and make safety modifications at four high schools as a result of their elimination of high school busing.
  • Delivered turn-key flood damage response improvements to nearly one mile of Water Street including bluff stabilization, pavement replacement, and guardrail installation.
  • Finished the third and final phase of the three-year Downtown Pavement and Sidewalk Improvements Program.
  • Closed more than two miles of sidewalk gaps throughout the City, many located in very challenging built-up settings.
  • Deployed a remote/mobile construction project inspection and administration technology for 100% of street construction projects.
  • Delivered all ongoing maintenance and operations products and services, including staff safely working in the field and offices, regardless of COVID challenges.
  • Prepared detailed plans and strategies to continue delivery of critical products and services in the event of a Tri-Council strike.
  • Innovated in several areas to try new processes/procedures/equipment/contracts to address challenges - some more successful than others but we keep evolving, innovating, evaluating, and testing.
  • Upgraded all parking meter modems to 4G (before 3G Phase out).
  • Installed bike racks on Rice Street.
  • Supported EV Spot Network carshare deployment and implementation of charging hubs.
  • Upgraded 713 Ward 1 streetlights to LED (Approximately 50% complete for Ward 1).
  • Completed full complement of signal preventive maintenance inspections.
  • Completed full round signal conflict monitor testing.
  • Developed streetlight wire theft monitoring system to be implemented soon.
  • Renovated the municipal garage floor and lighting, improving operations and employee safety.
  • Issued more than 6,400 right of way permits, and an additional  3,500 residential parking permits.
  • Continued to work with restaurants to acquire C-19 Sidewalk Café Permits within the State's and City's COVID guidelines.
  • Continued to permit small cell transmitter installations for 5G cell networks.
  • Began a pilot inspection program where the right of way inspector responsible for a particular area also writes the permits for that area.
  • Implemented SharePoint as replacement for outdated and old Public Works Sewer Portal.
  • Ensured successful design and construction of sanitary and storm sewers at Highland Bridge.
  • Completed three-year rehab of the Phalen Creek Storm Sewer.
  • Brought on a record eight Operations and Laborer Trainees who earned their CDL in 2021 and will be successfully transitioning to a street services worker position.
  • Replaced physical and electronic equipment to bring Dale Street site south gate into necessary security operation
  • Continued reduction trend in workplace injuries severity and costs.
  • Removed brick that fell onto the 260 Summit property over the 2020/2021 winter months.
  • Moved significant amounts of salvaged construction materials from beneath the 3rd Kellogg bridge to the newly established holding area on Pierce Butler.
  • Completed the annual Bridge inspection program prior to the state deadlines.
  • Several Bridge Maintenance Workers completed a second round of welding training.
  • Completed a large Type 2 concrete repair on a pier cap of the Grand Avenue bridge over Ayd Mill Road.
  • Piloted and launched a new Zendesk constituent support platform in October 2021 for Resident and Employee Services, Solid Waste and Recycling and Sidewalk Engineering to improve customer service and tracking metrics.
  • Redesigned a new interactive Public Works Construction Project Map and individual webpages to a consistent easy-to-use format for all Public Works construction projects.
  • Created Traffic Engineering Customer Inquiry Tracking in GIS.
  • Created a new Sewers Record Center to access all historic and new Permits, As-Builts and Strip maps.

If you have additional questions, please contact Public Works at 651-266-6100. Thank you!

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Last Edited: September 20, 2023