Public Works Service Directory

Most Frequently Called Phone Number
Public Works Service Directory
Street and Alley Repairs (Answered 24 Hours) 651-266-9700image
Snow Plowing Hotline 651-266-PLOW (7569)
Road Construction Hotline 651-266-ROAD (7623)
Right of Way 651-266-6151
Other Sections/Service  
Marketing and Media Relations 651-266-6144image
Bridge Engineering 651-266-6180image
Parking Meter Repair 651-266-9776image
Parking Violations 651-291-1111image
Residential Parking 651-266-6200image
Handicap Parking Permits (State of MN) 651-296-6785image
Real Estate
Assessments-Service Charges 651-266-8858image
Vacations-Acquisitions 651-266-8850image
Maps & Records 651-266-6150
City of Saint Paul Recycling Information 651-266-8866
Eureka Recycling 651-222-7678
Composting Yard Waste 651-633-EASY (3279)
Household Hazardous Waste 651-633-EASY (3279)
Sewer Utility/Sewer Maintenance
Backups and Complaints 651-266-9850
Sewer Connections 651-266-6234
Construction 651-266-6080
Street Flooding 651-266-9850
Engineering 651-266-6234
Maintenance 651-266-9850
Repairs 651-266-6120
Sidewalks Snow Removal Violations 651-266-8989
Snow Plowing
Plowing Information (Answered 24 Hours) 651-266-9700
Ticketing and Towing 651-266-9800
Snow Impound Lot 651-603-6895
Police Impound Lot 651-266-7569
Street Design & Construction                                                                                                                             651-266-6080
Streetlight Out 651-266-9777
Alley Light Out (Xcel Energy) 800-960-6235
New Streetlights 651-266-6200
Street Maintenance
Cleaning (Answer 24 Hours) 651-266-9700
Design 651-266-6110
Street Flooding 651-266-9850
Surveying 651-266-6075
Traffic Signs and Signals
Maintenance or Timing 651-266-9777
New Signs and Signals 651-266-6200
Handicap Parking Signs 651-266-6200