Public Works Contact Information

General Information & Questions      

Street Maintenance      
Report issues with potholes, plowing, street sweeping, paving, alley repairs, illegal dumping in public right of way, and roadkill.      
Report potholes at:

Right of Way      
Obtain permits for obstruction, construction, sidewalk cafes, and road closures, as well as contact area Right of Way inspectors. Can obtain annual and daily residential on-street parking permits.   

Traffic Operations      
Report downed traffic signs, signals/timing, parking meters, and city streetlights that aren't working.      
City: 651-266-9777     
Alley Lights (Xcel Energy): 800-960-6235

Traffic Engineering      
Questions about traffic calming, engineering/design of signs, speed limits, parking rules, and new streetlights. Can also get information about the process to create a residential parking permit area. Residents can request handicap parking permit signs.   
City: 651-266-6200  
Handicap Parking Permits (State of MN); 651-296-6785

Sewer Utility - Engineering      
Questions about private sanitary sewer issues, as builts, records, sewer connections, and sewer permits.      

Sewer Utility - Maintenance     
Report clogged storm drains, sink holes (voids), back ups, and street flooding.      

Solid Waste (Garbage & Yard Waste)     
Report collection issues/misses by garbage haulers, cart damage, billing and customer service questions.     
City: 651-266-6101     
Ramsey County Hazardous Waste/Yard Waste Sites: 651-633-EASY (3279)

Recycling Services     
Report collection issues/misses by recycling hauler, cart damage, customer service or recycling questions.     
City: 651-266-6199     
Eureka Recycling: 651-222-7678

Street Construction & Engineering    
Questions about current and upcoming street and alley design and construction projects.    
Project information, timelines, maps, and updates can be found at

Report sidewalk issues, repairs, and new sidewalks.     

Bridge Engineering     
Questions about bridge construction, repair and maintenance projects, as well as bridge inspections.    

Transportation Planning & Safety   
Questions about transportation planning projects, plans and programs, including EV Spot Network, Scooter Vendor Program, Saint Paul Bike Plan, Saint Paul Pedestrian Plan, and Saint Paul Transportation Safety Action Plan. 

Surveying and Maps & Records    
Questions for the surveyors office and city maps and records.   
City Surveying: 651-266-6075  
City Maps & Records: 651-266-6150

Snow Operations/Snow Emergency     
Snow Emergency status (recorded message): 651-266-PLOW   
Questions about plowing operations: 651-266-9700    
Ticketing & Towing Office (only open during snow emergencies): 651-266-9800   
Snow Emergency Impound Lot (Saint Paul Police Department): 651-603-6895   
Report Sidewalk Shoveling Violations (Dept. of Safety & Inspections) 651-266-8989 

Contact information for other city departments

Saint Paul Police Department (non-emergency) 
Report issues with parking enforcement.  
Police Impound Lot: 651-266-7569

Parks & Recreation 
Report issues with trimming and planting boulevard trees, which are managed by the City's forestry division.      

Department of Safety and Inspection (DSI)     
Report issues with any private property, including illegal dumpling, sidewalk shoveling violations, permits, or general questions or comments about city services. 

Saint Paul Regional Water Services (SPRWS) 
Report issues or questions with any water services, including lead line replacement, water connections, engineering, maintenance, and permits. 

Real Estate & Assessments     
Questions about assessments, vacations, and acquisitions. 

Last Edited: December 28, 2023