Report a Sidewalk Concern

Concerned about the condition of the sidewalk in your neighborhood or looking to have an area of sidewalk repaired? Concerned about raised or sunken sidewalk panels, water ponding on the sidewalk, a hole or crack in the sidewalk, or other sidewalk issues? Have a specific problem area or section of sidewalk that needs repairs? 

Use this form to report the sidewalk concern to Public Works Sidewalk Division. If possible, include a photo that best shows the sidewalk issue.

Residents can also call the Sidewalk Division at 651-266-6120.

Please note that sidewalk issues are often first repaired with an asphalt patch. As funding allows, sidewalk panels in Saint Paul are replaced based on severity of damage and proximity to other sidewalk concerns.

Report a Sidewalk Concern

Sidewalk Permits

To apply for sidewalk permits in the City of Saint Paul, contact the Sidewalk Division at or 651-266-6120.

What happens when a sidewalk concern is reported?

  • An inspector is sent out to review and evaluate the sidewalk condition.

    • The inspector evaluates the condition of the mainline sidewalk (sidewalk that runs parallel to the street). The inspector will not evaluate boulevard walks (sidewalk that goes from the main sidewalk to the street), driveways, or driveway aprons (the section of driveway that is in the public right of way and connects to the street).
  • The inspector creates a report on the findings that they observed.
    • This report includes a recommendation as to when a reconstruction order should occur. This recommendation is based on the severity of the situation as compared to other sidewalks with similar condition(s).
  • If there are tripping concerns, temporary asphalt patches will be made on the sidewalk.
  • As funding allows, sidewalk panels are replaced based on severity of damage and proximity to other sidewalk concerns.

Public Works Sidewalk Division replaces approximately one to two miles of sidewalk per year.

Will the City fix my boulevard sidewalk or driveway apron?

As a policy, Public Works will not maintain or repair private boulevard sidewalks, driveways, or driveway aprons. Even though boulevard sidewalks and driveway aprons are located within the City right of way, the repair and maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner.

When Public Works reconstructs mainline sidewalks, the adjacent boulevard walks, driveways, and driveway aprons are not included in any reconstruction or repair work. The City will make a proper match to the mainline walk if necessary. This typically means the City will only reconstruct the part of the boulevard sidewalk or driveway apron abutting the mainline sidewalk.


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Last Edited: August 11, 2022