Saint Paul Public Works Response to COVID-19

Saint Paul Public Works continues to work with City leadership, our Emergency Management and other City departments, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), and Ramsey County Public Health to respond to COVID-19 in our community.  We continue to follow the directions and recommendations of all our state and federal officials.

Saint Paul Public Works will continue to serve our residents and public, as well as protect the safety and health of our employees during this coronavirus pandemic.  For Public Works this means we are reviewing and updating our Continuity of Operations Plan in the event we need to activate all or parts of it to safely:

  • ensure safe streets, sidewalks, bike paths and bridges;
  • maintain well-functioning sewers, signals, signs, meters and lighting;
  • collect recycling and garbage from all residents;
  • issue needed right of way permits;
  • engineer and plan for current and future projects; and
  • provide needed technology and administrative work for our department operations.

Please check this website regularly for any department changes and updates.

Updated 3/23:

Share Your Feedback on Ayd Mill Road through March 30

Following federal and state guidelines, Saint Paul Public Works canceled the scheduled Ayd Mill Road in-person community meeting on March 19. To continue to meet the project timeline, share project information and gather community feedback, Public Works created a narrated PowerPoint presentation and is soliciting input about the recommended proposal online at

Normal Operations for Residential Garbage and Recycling Services

Protecting public health and safety is a top priority for the City of Saint Paul as we work with our haulers to minimize community spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Garbage and recycling services will continue as normal. Maintaining regular garbage and recycling collection is an essential city service. We continue to work with Eureka Recycling and the St. Paul Haulers to monitor and minimize any potential impact to service. 

Effective immediately, Eureka Recycling will no longer collect bagged clothes and linens. Please make sure all recyclable materials fit loosely in your recycling cart, without plastic bags.

Please note, residents may experience limited interruptions or delays in call-center customer service support as the recycling and garbage companies move their call center staff to working remotely to protect the health and safety of their employees. These customer service delays will be temporary. If you are unable to reach your hauler, please try again later in the week. If residents have immediate questions, call the City’s garbage line at 651-266-6101 or email

Use Your Bulky Collection Items
With Spring cleaning underway, call your garbage hauler and schedule a collection time to properly get rid of large, unwanted bulky items. As part of the Citywide Garbage Services, each household gets 2 free items (or 3, depending on your cart size) collected per year at no additional charge. Learn more or see a full list of what they can collect at

Keep Garbage and Recycling Cart Lids Closed
To protect the health of all Saint Paul residents and our garbage and recycling haulers, please remember to place all materials inside your garbage and recycling carts with the lids closed. Do not place additional materials next to your carts. If you have extra materials you can contact your recycling or garbage haulers, or you make take garbage materials to a transfer station. Locations can be found at

Change in Legislative Hearings for Garbage Program
Protecting public health and safety is a top priority for the City of Saint Paul. The City is following all federal and state guidelines, which includes cancelling or postponing any large gatherings. To meet the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, any Saint Paul Quarter 4 Legislative Hearings are scheduled for April 2, 9, 16 and 30 and will be conducted over the phone. All residents are asked to provide a phone number and City staff will coordinate the hearing. Thank you for your cooperation.​

Keep Our Sanitary Sewers Working Well - Do Not Put Extra Items Down Drains and Toilets

To ensure the effective operation of both Saint Paul’s 800 miles of sanitary sewer lines and the more than 1,000 miles of private property sewer lines, Saint Paul Public Works reminds everyone to properly dispose of household waste and to not put any additional materials down their drains or toilets.

Now, more than ever, we need to keep our sanitary sewer system working at peak efficiency. We ask everyone to take extra care and not throw anything other than toilet paper into their toilets. Please continue to keep any type of wipes – even if they say flushable – tissues, napkins, paper towels, feminine products, or diapers out of our toilets and sewer system by throwing them away in your garbage.

Right of Way Office Open for Permits – Just Call

Saint Paul Public Works Right of Way office is fully operating and issuing permits and signs; however, the front desk is closed to walk-up service. Please contact the Right of Way office at 651-266-6150. Right of Way staff are continuing to do inspections throughout Saint Paul.

Saint Paul Public Works to Suspend Sales of Residential Parking Permits

Saint Paul Public Works is suspending all sales of Residential Parking Permits until June 1, 2020. No Residential Parking Permits, including Visitor, Hangtags, and Day Passes in any Parking Permit Area will be sold at this time. For questions or more information, call 651-266-9777 during normal business hours or visit