Designing, Building and Maintaining Saint Paul Sewers for over 150 Years!

Public Sewers

The City owns and maintains approximately 804 miles of sanitary sewer and 450 miles of storm sewer, located in public streets, alleys, or easements. Most of the sanitary sewer system was constructed during the period 1887 to 1958.

Private Sanitary Sewers

Over 74,000 sanitary sewer service laterals (the section of sewer pipe that runs from the house to the sewer main) are connected to the City's public sanitary sewer system. There are over 1,000 miles of private sanitary sewer service in the city. Most of the sewer laterals are clay tile pipe or vitrified clay pipe (as originally constructed) and are over seventy years old. Property owners are responsible for cleaning, inspecting and repairing their sewer service lateral from the house to the sewer main connection located in the public street or easement.

Stay Out of our Sewer System

This network of pipes and tunnels is designed for a specific purpose, not to explore. Not only do you risk your life by entering the system but you're committing a crime. Trespassing in a city sewer is a gross misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of $3,000 and a sentence of up to a year in jail. State law is very clear.

Last Edited: March 19, 2021