If your private sewer line is backing up, your first call should be to our Service Desk at (651)-266-6234.

Ownership and Location of Your Private Sewer Line

As shown in the illustration below, your private sewer line extends from your home's foundation and includes its connection to the city's sewer main.  Property owners in the city of Saint Paul are responsible for the maintenance and repair of their private sewer lines.

Cross section illustration of a sewer service going from the house to the sewer main.

Helpful Links
These documents are PDF's if you need assistance reading or accessing these documents please call (651) 266-6234.

Sewer Assessment Packet

Contractors Who Televise Private Sewer Lines

All Licensed House Drain Contractors

Sewer Assessment Program Notification Form  Note: This form was previously named Decline of Sewer Assessment Form

Deferment of Special Assessment

Deferred Emergency Loan


Last Edited: November 18, 2020