Partnerships for a Cleaner and Greener Saint Paul 

Scenic photo of Mississippi River

The City of Saint Paul partners with several agencies and non-profit organizations to keep our stormwater clean to protect our rivers, lakes, streams, and environment.

  • Friends of the Mississippi River offers a free Storm Drain Stenciling Education Program. Using paint and stencils, volunteers mark storm drains with the message, “Keep 'em Clean Drains to River” and distribute door hangers to neighborhood homes and businesses.
  • Minnesota Water – Let’s Keep It Clean is a stormwater education collaboration of cities, counties, and water management organizations in the Twin Cities and St. Cloud metro areas.
  • Adopt a Drain is a partnership with the Capitol Region Watershed District and Hamline University to help keep pollution from our streets out of our water. Residents adopt a storm drain in local neighborhoods and volunteer to keep the storm drains clear of debris (garbage, leaves, dirt) all year.

Watershed Management Organizations

A watershed district is a special unit of local government and its purpose is to manage natural water resources. By managing natural water resources within a watershed area, communities can work together to prevent and correct problems such as flooding, water pollution, and erosion.

Capitol Region Watershed District

Lower Mississippi River Watershed Management Organization

Mississippi River Watershed Management Organization

Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District

Last Edited: April 29, 2024