What does the SSSC pay for?

The SSSC pays for the operation and maintenance of the city’s storm sewer system and funds programs to improve the quality of storm water runoff as required by the City’s federal storm water permit and local watershed districts.

What policies are in place for the SSSC?

The City of Saint Paul has established the policy below in accordance with Admin. Code Chap. 81: Storm Sewer System Charge.

These documents are PDF's if you need assistance reading or accessing these documents please call (651) 266-6234.

Storm Sewer System Charge Policy

How is my SSSC calculated?

Each year the City Council approves rates for various types of properties. The property types and approved rates for 2020 are:

Use Class

Property Type




Cemeteries, golf courses, parks, unimproved vacant land, and one- and two-family residential land in excess of 1/3 acre


per acre


Railroad land


per acre


Residential, one- and two-family homes (less than 1/3 acre)


per parcel


Condominiums and town homes


per unit


Schools and community centers.


per acre


Multiple dwellings, religious buildings, government buildings


per acre


Commercial and industrial land, parking lots


per acre

The amount charged to a specific property is either a fixed amount or is calculated by multiplying the rate-per-acre by the property acreage.

What if I think my charge is incorrect?

If you believe your property is incorrectly classified or the charge is incorrectly calculated, contact Real Estate/Assessments at 651-266-8858.

What if I want a review of my charge due to storm water management on my property?

Property owners may seek a review of their storm sewer system charge by filing a written request for review with the Department of Public Works, 25 W. 4th Street, 700 City Hall Annex, Saint Paul, MN 55102.

The request must be filed within thirty (30) days of the mailing of the annual bill and shall explain the grounds for which the review is requested. The payment remains due and payable while the petition is under review. If Public Works determines that a discount is warranted, the storm sewer system charge will be adjusted.

When does the City bill me for the SSSC?

The City mails the invoice to property owners each year in August.

When is my SSSC payment due?

All payments are due by October 5, 2019. If you do not pay by that date, the amount due plus interest will appear on your 2020 property tax statement.

Last Edited: January 9, 2020