The Bridge Division of the Public Works Department maintains the structural integrity and safety of all bridges, walls, public stairways, guardrails, and miscellaneous structures in the city street and county road right-of-way. Bridges are inspected annually to assure continued safety of the structures and to schedule structures for maintenance, repair, and/or replacement. The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) is responsible for inspecting and maintaining all freeway and state highway bridges.

Bridge Division Contact List

Contact Phone Email
Bridge Maintenance 24 Hour Number 651-266-9700  
Reach All Rental 651-266-9706  
Glenn Pagel, PE, Bridge Engineer 651-266-6187 E-mail
Ron Ekstrand, Bridge Maintenance 651-266-9706  
Brent Christensen, PE, Engineer 651-266-6182 E-mail
Mike Engel, Bridge Inspector 651-266-6183 E-mail
Bob Anderson, Public Works Technician I 651-266-6185 E-mail


Statistics and Facts

  • 331 bridges in the city, on or over a road way system
  • 9 river crossings over the Mississippi River
  • 64 bridges on the downtown skyway systems
  • 61 bridges in the city are over 50-years-old​
  • Replacement value of Saint Paul bridges infrastructure $6,000,000,000+
  • Highest bridge in Saint Paul: Smith Avenue (High) Bridge, 160 feet above the Mississippi River
  • Longest bridge in Saint Paul: Lafayette Freeway, 3,709 feet long, but it's longest span is only 372 feet
  • Longest clear span belongs to the Marshall / Lake Street Bridge, the main span length is 550 feet



  • City-owned: 107 bridges
  • State-owned: 127 bridges (including interstate bridges)
  • County-owned: 38 bridges
  • Railroad-owned: 20 bridges
  • Privately-owned: 19 bridges (17 pedestrian, 1 utility)

Bridges are thoroughly inspected annually for safety in accordance with State and Federal laws. 

Last Edited: November 18, 2020