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Citywide lighting is provided for the safe operation of roads and sidewalks in Saint Paul and the Traffic & Lighting Division is responsible for light installation and maintenance on streets, bridges, paths and trails in the city. Our lighting system includes more than 37,000 light fixtures on 32,000 light poles.

Alley lights are installed and maintained by Xcel Energy at the request of adjacent property owners. Residents should contact Xcel Energy directly for installation and maintenance of alley lights.

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Report a Broken Street Light

To report street lights, traffic signals or traffic signs in need of repair, call 651-266-9777. For after hours emergencies such as a light pole knocked down call 651-266-9700.

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Report a Broken Alley Lights

Alley lights are installed and maintained by Xcel Energy at the request of adjacent property owners. It is up to the adjacent owners to arrange for alley lights directly with Xcel Energy and to pay the cost of installation, maintenance and operation of alley lights. For alley light problems or installation call Xcel Energy at 1-800-960-6235.

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Street Maintenance Service Program 

The 2018 estimates for lighting (streets only) is $4.3 million. Approximately $627,000 is funded by the city's general fund. The rest is funded by assessment fees. The 2020 estimated rate is $0.59 per foot. 

The city also has "above standard" lighting in various areas across the city. The rates for the different lighting districts will vary due to several factors, including the number of lights in the district, routine maintenance, painting, light bulb replacement, light pole replacements and total electricity costs.

The 2020 estimated rates (per foot) for Above Standard Lighting by district is: 
Lowertown ($3.07)
Selby/Western ($1.40)
Ford/Cleveland ($0.69)
Grand East I ($1.07)
Grand - West ($1.11)
Grand - East II ($1.73)
North Wabasha ($0.88)
Smith Avenue ($1.02)
Selby/Dale ($.43)
Concord Phase I ($1.50)
River Park Plaza ($1.93)
Selby No. 2 ($0.38)
Wabasha/St. Peter ($1.86)
Snelling/Randolph ($0.20)
East 7th/Payne/Minnehaha/Men ($0.93)
CHCH (City Hall) ($6.66)
United/Children's ($0.32)
Como/Snelling ($0.15)
Dale/University/Minnehaha/Hatch ($0.76)
Hamline University ($0.49)
Downtown Acorns ($1.35)
West 7th/Munster-Madison ($0.94)
Suburban/WB Ruth ($0.37)
White Bear/Beech-Reaney ($0.78)
Rice/Sycamore-Rose ($0.46)
White Bear/Hoyt-Larpenteur ($0.62)
Payne/Whitall-Orange ($1.48)
Marshall/Cleveland-Wilder ($0.39)
University/Emerald-Rice ($1.22)
Snelling/Hague-Taylor ($1.19)

Learn more about the City of Saint Paul’s Street Maintenance Service Program and property owner's fees for lighting, street sweeping, seal coating and/or mill and overlay projects.

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Last Edited: December 15, 2020