Criminal Division

Policy Statement

The Criminal Division of the Saint Paul City Attorney’s Office will strive to protect the residents of the City from the negative effects of crime. The right of residents to live in peace without fear in an environment free from the anti-social acts of others is of paramount concern.

The staff of the Criminal Division will strive to achieve a just result in every case they work on. Staff will work to pay attention to the needs of victims. All employees of the Saint Paul City Attorney’s Office will strive to meet the ethical obligation to achieve justice in the resolution of every case.


The Criminal Division strives to:

  • Assure respect for and compliance with City and state criminal laws by holding offenders accountable through fair and effective prosecution and enforcement
  • Advocate on behalf of crime victims to ensure the preservation of their rights to personal safety, restitution and participation in the criminal justice process
  • Prevent crime and improve the quality of life in Saint Paul's neighborhoods by working proactively with residents, business owners, police and other agencies to identify and resolve community problems
  • Educate and advise the public and City departments on criminal justice issues and trends, and develop policies relating to the management of the criminal justice system (ie. jail administration, sentencing guidelines, diversion programs and court procedures)