Restoring peace through initiatives and programs throughout the City of Saint Paul

At the Saint Paul City Attorney’s Office, we believe in helping our neighborhoods through programs that reduce or eliminate crimes before they’re ever committed. Through feedback sessions and other city events, our office learns about issues that affect our residents every day to create new community-based programs.

Community Justice and Non-Traditional Prosecution

We work to engage the people of Saint Paul to ensure that the Saint Paul City Attorney’s Office administers justice that is equitable and represents the values of the community we serve. To that end, our Community Justice Unit engages in criminal justice reform efforts, education and outreach, and non-traditional approaches to prosecution.

ETHOS (Engaging community, Taking responsibility, Healing, Overcoming obstacles, Sustainable solutions)

A diversion program based on restorative justice principles that works with those who have committed certain first-time, non-violent misdemeanor offenses. Volunteer community members engage with the person who committed the offense and victims to identify and repair the harm done to the victim, the community, and the offender. The group also works to address the root causes behind why the person committed the offense.

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Pre-trial Diversion

A program that diverts certain offenses out of the traditional court process. Offenders have the opportunity to resolve their cases by fulfilling certain requirements, including giving back to the community through community service.

Treatment Courts

The St. Paul City Attorney’s Office participates with other justice system stakeholders including public defenders, probation officers, social workers, and judges to develop a strategy that will address underlying causes of the offense and encourage the offender to abstain from repeating the behaviors that brought them to court.

Treatment courts have been proven to be among the most successful interventions for improving education, employment, housing, and financial stability. The St. Paul City Attorney’s Office participates in Ramsey County’s DWI Court, Mental Health Court, and Veteran’s Treatment Court.

Driving Diversion Program

Our Driving Diversion Program helps individuals who have been charged with driving without a valid license to earn back their valid license status through a supervised payment plan, a mandatory financial management and life skills course, and the issuance of a temporary diversion license. To find out more about the Driving Diversion Program, please click here

Last Edited: March 3, 2021