Trust. It’s critical to the stability of our city, the safety of the people we serve and the criminal justice system.

In 2014, a task force was brought together to identify best practices and recommendations for how police departments across the country can promote effective crime reduction while building trust. The task force developed recommendations, each with action items around six “pillars,” which are listed below and widely lauded as the gold standard of policing for the 21st century.

With a strong foundation of transparency, trust and service with respect, the Saint Paul Police Department is using these pillars to build an even better agency—a model police department for the 21st Century. This site reflects our efforts to achieve the goals outlined in the “Final Report of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing.” It will be updated as we progress towards our goals. And it will help us as we continue to build trust with all we serve.

Pillar 1: Trust and Legitimacy


Pillar 2: Policy and Oversight


Pillar 3: Technology and Social Media


Pillar 4: Community Policing and Crime Reduction


Pillar 5: Training and Education


Pillar 6: Officer Wellness and Safety


The sworn and civilian employees of the Saint Paul Police Department, who serve and protect the city of Saint Paul, have embraced the pillars and committed to implementing the recommendations that apply to local police departments. While the department already achieves a vast majority of the recommendations included in the report, we are committed to doing even better.

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The Saint Paul Police Department is committed to delivering trusted service with respect—every day, without exception. Use this site to see how we’re working to build trust, be transparent and keep Saint Paul safe for everyone

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The Saint Paul Police Department promotes safe and healthy neighborhoods in Minnesota’s capital city. The department employs approximately 800 people, including 575 sworn officers who respond to nearly 300,000 calls for service and investigate about 13,000 Part I crimes each year. The department leadership and staff are committed to delivering trusted service with respect—every day, without exception—saying, “We are not simply the police department, we are your police department.”  

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Last Edited: November 14, 2022