The Saint Paul Police Department has published this online policy manual as part of our commitment to transparency.

The online manual should be used for informational purposes only. Certain not public data have been redacted according to the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, including sections 13.82 and 13.37. The Saint Paul Police Department manual is a living document that is updated and amended as needed, and the online manual will be updated to reflect current official policy. If there are differences between the online and official versions of department policies, the official version will take priority. Please contact the department for official versions of department policies. Thank you for viewing. 

If you wish to provide feedback on the online version of this manual, please see our feedback form.

General Provisions 0.00-060.00

This section will spell out a brief resume of the general provisions of the manual. This section will precede the regular numbered general orders. This section will contain, but not be limited to, the index, the glossary and the authority, maintenance, and organization of the manual.

Last Edited: February 15, 2022