Saint Paul police officers began wearing body worn cameras in January 2018. The following reports are part of the department's effort to ensure that the cameras are being used properly and in accordance with the SPPD Body Worn Camera Policy. The data included in the reports were gathered as part of an ongoing process that includes:

  • a Quality Control Process Policy, which describes two types of quality control reviews that the department will do on a quarterly basis, 
  • a sergeant in the Technology Unit dedicated to monitoring compliance with the department’s Body Worn Camera Policy, proper classification of videos and assignments of case numbers to videos, 
  • a Body Worn Camera Review Committee responsible for reviewing 24 randomly selected videos each month to ensure compliance with the Body Worn Camera Policy; identifying trends, training issues and concerns based on reviews; and forwarding findings to supervisors, and
  • a requirement that video from all incidents involving use of force be reviewed by supervisors. 

Reports will be released on a quarterly basis. 

2024 Body Worn Camera Reports

2024 1st Qtr BWC Report

2023 Body Worn Camera Reports

2023 1st Qtr BWC Report

2023 2nd Qtr BWC Report

2023 3rd Qtr BWC Report

2023 4th Qtr BWC Report

2022 Body Worn Camera Reports

2022 1st Qtr BWC Report

2022 2nd Qtr BWC Report

2022 3rd Qtr BWC Report

2022 4th Qtr BWC Report

2021 Body Worn Camera Reports

2021 1st Qtr BWC Report

2021 2nd Qtr BWC Report

2021 3rd Qtr BWC Report

2021 4th Qtr BWC Report

2020 Body Worn Camera Reports

2020 1st Qtr BWC Report

2020 2nd Qtr BWC Report

2020 3rd Qtr BWC Report

2020 4th Qtr BWC Report

2019 Body Worn Camera Reports

2019 1st Qtr BWC Report

2019 2nd Qtr BWC Report

2019 3rd Qtr BWC Report

2019 4th Qtr BWC Report.pdf

2019 BWC Program Audit

2018 Body Worn Camera Reports

2018 1st Qtr BWC Report

2018 2nd Qtr BWC Report

2018 3rd Qtr BWC Report

2018 4th Qtr BWC Report

BWC Program Audit

2021 BWC Program Audit

License Plate Recognition (LPR) System Audits

2019 LPR Audit

2021 LPR Audit

2023 LPR Audit

Last Edited: June 4, 2024