The Housing division works to ensure access to quality housing for all Saint Paul residents. The team finances housing construction and renovations, provides foreclosure prevention and counseling, supports homeless prevention and shelter services, and informs housing policy decisions.

For Renters and Landlords

Families First Housing Pilot

The Families First Housing Pilot provides Saint Paul families a $300 monthly rent supplement and ongoing supportive services for three years, in partnership with the Saint Paul Public Schools.

Applications are open. To apply, contact a school representative.

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Note: Landlords may find additional resources under the "Property Owners" section below

For Homeowners/Homebuyers

Downpayment Assistance

The Downpayment Assistance Program provides financial assistance for homebuyers at or below 60% Area Median Income (AMI). Qualified homebuyers can receive up to $40,000 for a home downpayment, closing costs, and/or property inspection.

All Downpayment Assistance funds have been reserved. No new reservation requests are being accepted at this time.

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Homeowner Rehab and Emergency Loans

The City of Saint Paul offers homeowners no-interest deferred loans for basic and emergency improvements. Qualified homeowners can receive up to $25,000.

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Saint Paul Homeownership Preservation Program

The City of Saint Paul is partnering with the Minnesota Homeownership Center to create and administer the Saint Paul Homeownership Preservation Program (SPHPP). The program provides foreclosure prevention advising to homeowners and limited financial assistance under certain circumstances.

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For Property Owners

4(d) Affordable Housing Incentive Program

The 4(d) Affordable Housing Incentive Program offers rental property owners a 40% tax rate reduction and limited grant assistance for units that remain affordable for ten years. Property owners can invest the savings into updating and maintaining their naturally occurring affordable housing units, and low-income families are provided additional safe and stable housing options at a time when rent continues to rise across the Twin Cities. Minnesota Housing will have final approval of 4(d) tax classification for property owners who meet the City of Saint Paul's eligibility guidelines.

Applications are open and being accepted through December 30, 2022.

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Rental Rehab Loan Program

The Rental Rehab Loan Program provides no-interest loans to landlords committed to preserving affordable rental housing. Qualified landlords can receive up to $40,000 to make health, safety, accessibility, energy-efficient and/or curb appeal upgrades to their rental properties.

Applications are open and are being accepted as long as funds are available.

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For Developers

Community Land Trust Financing

The City of Saint Paul Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) has assigned funding for community land trusts to provide new pathways to homeownership for low- and moderate-income households and to promote long-term affordable community ownership. Financing can be used by community land trusts and other real estate developers partnering with community land trusts for property acquisition, development gap financing, long-term affordability gap financing, and closing cost assistance.

No new proposals are being accepted at this time.

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Low Income Housing Tax Credits

The Federal Tax Reform Act of 1986 created Low-Income Housing Tax Credits for qualified residential properties to encourage the production of affordable low-income rental housing.

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Subsidies for Preservation or New Production of Affordable Housing

The City of Saint Paul provides gap financing resources such as HOME, CDBG, and other local sources for the preservation and creation of affordable housing. Developers may inquire about applications for these financing resources by contacting the Housing Director.

Email the Housing Director

Strategy and Policy

Housing Trust Fund

The Housing Trust Fund was developed by Mayor Melvin Carter to produce, preserve, and protect housing affordability for Saint Paul residents. The fund serves as a flexible financial tool used to address the current crisis of housing affordability in Saint Paul.

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Fair Housing

Fair housing is the right to choose one’s housing, without being subject to unlawful discrimination. As a recipient of Federal funds, the City has the obligation to Affirmatively Further Fair Housing, and to take “meaningful actions, in addition to combating discrimination, that overcome patterns of segregation and foster inclusive communities free from barriers that restrict access to opportunity based on protected characteristics”

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Last Edited: November 21, 2022