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The Inspiring Communities program supports developers and homebuyers to create new, affordable homeownership opportunities on formerly vacant land owned by the HRA. The Saint Paul Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) Board originally approved the strategy on October 9, 2013 through Resolution 13-1592 following extensive analysis of HRA owned property. See also Resolution 13-1097.


  • Leverage HRA property to build community wealth
  • Create job opportunities for local residents, including low-income residents, small and emerging businesses, and businesses owned by women and people of color
  • Inspire innovative and environmentally sound design and construction
  • Achieve goals identified in the Housing Chapter of the City of Saint Paul's 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Outcomes to Date

  • Over 280 properties have been sold or are under development.
  • The program has created over 230 affordable homeownership opportunities and over 50 new affordable rental units.
  • Nearly two out of every three homeowners and more than three out of every four renters served are people of color.
  • Funding has come mostly from state and federal resources.
  • By returning vacant, City, and HRA-owned properties to productive use, maintenance costs to the City have been reduced and tax revenues have increased.

For Homebuyers

You may be able to purchase a home built through the Inspiring Communities program if:

  • Your household is income-eligible (see limits below) and
  • Prior to purchase, you complete homeownership counseling, coaching or education provided by an approved Homeownership Advisor. These HUD-approved Homeownership Advisors operate in Saint Paul:

Visit for assistance in contacting HUD-approved counselors and educators outside of Saint Paul.

See the “Inspiring Communities 2022 RFP Properties” list in the Current Solicitations section to learn where new homes may be available for purchase over the next several years.

Financial assistance for eligible homebuyers may be available from the Saint Paul HRA. Ask a Homeownership Advisor for details.

Homebuyer Income Limits

All homes built through the program must be sold to buyers with household income below 80% of the Twin Cities median. Some will have lower limits, set at 70% or 60% of area median. As of May 2021, these limits are:

Household Size 1 person 2 persons 3 persons 4 persons 5 persons 6 persons 7 persons 8 persons
60% AMI $44,100 $50,400 $56,700 $62,940 $67,950 $73,020 $78,060 $83,100
70% AMI $50,050 $57,200 $64,350 $71,450 $77,150 $82,900 $88,600 $94,300
80% AMI $55,950 $63,950 $71,950 $79,900 $86,300 $92,700 $99,100 $105,500

The limits above are current as of May 2021 and change every year, usually in spring or early summer. Income is determined only prior to purchase; homeowners do not need to meet any certain income limit to continue owning or living in the home.

For Emerging/BIPOC Developers

Visit our Emerging and BIPOC Developer Training and Engagement Initiative page for more about the City of Saint Paul’s efforts to increase the representation of emerging developers and leaders who are Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) in the real estate development community.

For All Developers: Current Solicitation

Active solicitations will be posted here.

  • There is no active solicitation. However, the HRA does intend to offer the properties listed below through a Request for Proposals (RFP) sometime in 2022.
  • To request updates about Inspiring Communities Solicitations/RFP and other development opportunities, subscribe to our email notification list.
717 Desoto Street Railroad Island 50 x 53 2,650 $19,500.00 1 unit 1 unit
186 Front Avenue North End 31 x 100 3,100 $16,000.00 1 unit 1 unit
899 Sims Avenue Payne-Phalen 25 x 125 3,125 $23,000.00 1 unit 1 unit
1068 Ross Avenue Dayton's Bluff 25 x 127 3,175 $22,000.00 1 unit 1 unit
729 Burr Street Payne-Phalen 40 x 90 3,600 $26,000.00 1 unit 1 unit
930 York Avenue Payne-Phalen 30 x 125 3,750 $27,500.00 1 unit 1 unit
810 Atlantic Street Dayton's Bluff 50 x 90 4,500 $27,500.00 1 unit 2 units*
231 Front Avenue North End 45 x 100 4,500 $31,500.00 1 unit 2-3 units*
695 Cook Avenue E Payne-Phalen 40 x 120 4,800 $23,500.00 1 unit 2 units*
6 George Street W West Side 50 x 100 5,000 $52,000.00 1 unit 2 units*
1195 Bush Avenue Dayton's Bluff 40 x 127 5,080 $35,500.00 1 unit 2 units*
560 Brunson Street Railroad Island 115 x 115 13,225 $96,500.00 2 primary units 3+ units* or 2 structures

*May be multiple primary units, or one or more primary unit(s) with one or more accessory dwelling unit(s) (ADU)

About the list of properties:

  • All are vacant lots.
  • There is potential for changes to the list of sites prior to release of the RFP.
  • Lot dimensions and square footage are not exact.
  • Market values and acquisition prices will be determined according to law and policies of the Saint Paul HRA.

Geotechnical Evaluations and Surveys

Select a link below to review a geotechnical evaluation and survey for the associated property. Remediation of any issues revealed by soil tests and surveys must be accounted for in the developers’ response to the RFP, including their proposed project timeline and budget.

717 Desoto Street 1068 Ross Avenue 810 Atlantic Street 6 George Street W
186 Front Avenue 729 Burr Street 231 Front Avenue 1195 Bush Avenue
899 Sims Avenue 930 York Avenue 695 Cook Avenue E 560 Brunson Street


Future Solicitation

The HRA may offer additional properties through another solicitation in 2023 or 2024. Subscribe to our email notification list to receive updates regarding future solicitations.

Last Edited: April 12, 2022