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The Inspiring Communities program is a housing redevelopment strategy providing focused investment in neighborhoods most impacted by foreclosure and vacancy. The program funds assist developers with development gap financing for construction of new housing on vacant lots or rehabilitation of vacant structures.

This strategy was approved by the Saint Paul Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) Board on October 9, 2013 through Resolution 13-1592 and was created after an extensive analysis of HRA owned property. Recommendations on the disposition of HRA property were approved on July 26, 2013 through Resolution 13-1097 and were presented to neighborhood stakeholders on August 1, 2013.

Inspiring Communities Goals:

  • Utilize property acquired through the HRA as a catalyst for neighborhood transformation
  • Construct or rehabilitate lots or buildings to create a variety of affordable housing opportunities in focused cluster areas
  • Create job opportunities for local residents, Section 3 certified businesses, minority, women, or small businesses
  • Inspire innovative, sustainable design and construction methods


  • Over 280 properties have been sold or are in process
  • The program has created over 230 affordable housing opportunities throughout various neighborhoods in Saint Paul

Work in Dayton's Bluff Historic District

The rehabilitation of formerly vacant properties within the historic district represents great strides in historic preservation in Saint Paul. The work in Dayton's Bluff, through the Inspiring Communities program and related investments, means:

  • 23 vacant properties have been or will be rehabilitated - see the map
  • 43 households have resulted

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Last Edited: November 5, 2019