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Saint Paul Bikeways Plan
Project Description

The City of Saint Paul is developing a citywide Bikeways Plan to guide the development of a safe, effective, and well-connected network of bicycle facilities to encourage and facilitate bicycle transportation. The primary objective of this plan is to designate corridors throughout the city for future development of bikeways. When completed, this plan will be adopted as an addendum to the City's Comprehensive Plan.


Upcoming Public Involvement Opportunties
City staff have been invited to present information regarding the Bikeways Plan at the following dates & times. These meetings are open to the public, though the date, location, time, & format of these meetings are determined by the respective organizations. Public comments may or may not be permitted at these meetings at the discretion of the respective groups or organizations.

There are no meetings scheduled at this time.

In addition, the following general opportunities to stay involved are available:
  • Subscribe to the Saint Paul Bikes Newsletter to stay informed here
  • Voice your opinions and ideas on Open Saint Paul here 
  • Attend public meetings of the Transportation Committee, Planning Commission, and City Council (dates to be announced)
  • Testify at upcoming public hearings (dates to be announced)

Other opportunities for public involvement will be posted here as information becomes available.

Multi-Lingual Information
Hmong: Yog koj muaj lus nug los sis muaj lus hais txog qov hom phiaj tsheb kauj vab nyob rau lub nroog St. Paul thov hu rau Loob Yaj 651-266-9801, ua tsaug.

Spanish: Si usted tiene preguntas o comentarios sobre el plan de sendero para bicicletas por toda la ciudad, por favor llame a Gessner Rivas 651-266-8960.

Somali: ’Haddii aad su’aal ka qabtid mashruuca ay dawlada hoose ka wado magaalada oo dhan ee Baaskiil fulka ama (Bike Plan), Fadlan wac Abdi Omer 651-266-6212.

Draft Bikeways Plan

The following is a draft of the Saint Paul Bikeways Plan, including a short summary of the plan recommendations. This is an incomplete draft and will continue to be updated over the next several months based on feedback. In particular, the final chapter of this plan regarding implementation and funding is not included in this draft. This chapter will be written based on feedback received on this draft.

DRAFT Bikeways Plan Summary (11x17 booklet) (8.5x11 version)
DRAFT Bikeways Plan
DRAFT Bikeways Plan Figures & Maps
Appendix A - 2011 Open House Summary
Appendix B - 2011 Web Survey Summary
Appendix C - Mapping Criteria
Appendix D - 2013 Open Saint Paul Questions Summary
Appendix E - Bikeway Notes & Contingencies

What's Next?

The public comment period on the draft Bikeways Plan closed on April 30, 2014. A summary of the written comments received by staff throughout the public comment period, along with the text of the comments is posted below.

DRAFT Public Comment Summary Memorandum

Based on the feedback received on the draft Bikeways Plan, the plan will be updated. A final draft of the plan is anticipated in Summer 2014. At that time, the plan will be prepared for the formal adoption process through the Transportation Committee, Planning Commission and City Council.

Project Updates and Documents
September 2011
Three open houses were held in September 2011 to gather input from the community. The results are presented above as Appendix A to the Draft Plan.

A web-based survey was initiated to gather input from the public about how they use the bicycle network. The results are presented above as Appendix B to the Draft Plan.

Based on this feedback and the guidance contained within the City’s adopted Comprehensive Plan, a set of mapping criteria was developed and used to create a draft network of proposed bikeways. This criteria is presented above as Appendix C to the Draft Plan.

10 January 2014
Three questions were posted to Open Saint Paul in April 2013 to solicit feedback. The questions were open for comment through November 2013. The comments received are presented above as Appendix D to the Draft Plan. The questions asked for feedback regarding the following topics:
  • Bicycling Vision & Objectives
  • Bicycle Facilities & Bikeway Designs
  • Safety Concerns

21 January 2014
A draft of the Bikeways Plan is released. See above for links to the documents. Four Open House events have been scheduled - download a flyer here.

20 May 2014
A draft memorandum summarizing the written comments received on the draft Bikeways Plan has been posted. The document also includes the full text of the statements received. See link above.

Project Presentations and Outreach Summary
The following is a summary of dates and locations where information regarding the Draft Bikeways Plan has been presented to community stakeholders and feedback has been requested.

10 February 2014
Northwest Quadrant Transportation Forum - 6:30 PM @ Merriam Park Rec Center Representatives from Saint Anthony Park, Hamline-Midway, Union Park, and Macalester-Groveland District Councils were present.

11 February 2014
Wabasha Partners - 4:00 PM @ Fitzgerald Theater
Staff presented information regarding downtown strategy.

11 February 2014
Bikeways Plan Open House - 6:00 PM @ El Rio Vista Rec Center

12 February 2014
Saint Paul Parks Commission - 6:30 PM @ Oxford Community Center

13 February 2014
Bikeways Plan Open House - 6:00 PM @ Macalester College

18 February 2014
Bikeways Plan Open House - 6:00 PM @ Duluth & Case Rec Center

19 February 2014
Union Park District Council (District 13) Parks & Recreation Committee - 7:00 PM @ Merriam Park Rec Center

20 February 2014
Friends of the Parks & Trails of St. Paul & Ramsey County - 7:30 AM @ MnDOT Waters Edge

20 February 2014
Bikeways plan Open House - 6:00 PM @ CapitolRiver Council Offices, US Bank Center

24 February 2014
Eastview-Conway-Battle Creek-Highwood Hills (District 1) Community Council Board Meeting - 6:30 PM @Battle Creek Rec Center

26 February 2014
Pelham Friendly Streets Meeting - 6:00 PM @ Merriam Park Rec Center

03 March 2014
North End-South Como (District 6) Board Meeting - 6:30 PM @ North Emanual Lutheran Church (301 Hatch Ave)

04 March 2014
Payne-Phalen (District 5) Community Planning & Economic Development Committee - 6:00 PM @ Eastern District Police Department Community Room (722 Payne Ave)

05 March 2014
Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce Transportation Committee - 8:00 AM

10 March 2014
Como (District 10) Council, District Plan Meeting - 7:00 PM @ Historic Como Streetcar Station in Como Park

11 March 2014
Highland (District 15) Transporation Committee - 7:00 PM @ Hillcrest Rec Center

18 March 2014
West Side (District 3) Council, Riverfront, Development & Land Use Committee - 6:30 PM @ 1 W Water St

24 March 2014
Eastivew-Conway-Battle Creek-Highwood Hills Community Council  (District 1) Open House - 5:00-8:00 PM @ 2105 1/2 Old Hudson Road

24 March 2014
Macalester-Groveland (District 14) Transportation Committee - 6:30 PM @ Edgcumbe Rec Center (320 S. Griggs, 55105)

25 March 2014
Summit-University Planning Council (District 8) Board Meeting - 7:00 PM @ Unity Church-Unitarian - Anderson Library (733 Portland Ave)

27 March 2014
Saint Paul Smart Trips Board Meeting - 7:00 AM @ Smart Trips offices

07 April 2014
Cycles 4 Change Bike Library Advisory Council - 5 PM @ Goodwill

08 April 2014
Frogtown Neighborhood Association (District 7) Board Meeting - 6:00 PM @ 500 North Dale St (Kings Crossing)

16 April 2014
Union Park District Council (District 13) Parks Committee - 7:00 PM @ Merrian Park Rec Center Community Room

17 April 2014
Northeast Quadrant Downtown Business Owners Group - 3 PM @ Metropolitan Center for Independent Living

21 April 2014
Dayton's Bluff Community Council (District 4) Board Meeting - 6:30 PM @ 798 E. 7th St.

22 April 2014
Frogtown Neighborhood Associateion (District 7) Frogtown Forum - 6:30 PM @ West Minnehaha Recreation Center

23 April 2014
West Seventh/Fort Road Federation (District 9) Annual Meeting - 6:30 PM @ Summit Brewery

24 April 2014
Saint Paul Heritage Preservation Commission Meeting - 5:00 PM @ City Hall Conference Room 40 (15 Kellogg Boulevard West)

19 May 2014
A summary of the written statements received on the draft Bikeways Plan was presented to the Transportation Committee of the Planning Commission - 4:00 PM @ City Hall Annex.

More Information

For more information, contact the Department of Public Works Sustainable Transportation Engineer/Planner Reuben Collins at 651-266-6059 or .

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