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Bicycle and Pedestrian Traffic Count

Count Volunteers Needed for 2014 Bike Count!

The city of Saint Paul is preparing for its second annual bicycle and pedestrian counts and needs your help!  The counts are taking place from 4– 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 9, with a planned rain date of Thursday, Sept. 11.

Volunteers will be asked to count bicyclists and pedestrians at locations throughout the city. Counting helps city staff understand where and how people are walking and biking around Saint Paul, and helps guide investment in infrastructure improvements. Conducting annual counts will allow staff to track traffic volumes over time to understand trends.

If you would like to volunteer to assist with the count, please contact Luke Hanson at .  For more information about the upcoming counts, and to view data collected in previous years, see below.


In 2013, the City initiated a program to count bicycle and pedestrian traffic at select locations across the city. Due to limitations of City staff, volunteers play a crucial role by counting bicycle and foot traffic and submitting the data to city staff. The purpose of the bicycle and pedestrian counting program is as follows:

  • To collect comprehensive data set about bicycle and pedestrian traffic across the city for use by the City of St. Paul and partner organizations.
  • To understand where and how bicyclists and pedestrians travel in Saint Paul.
  • To gain an understanding of how bicycle and pedestrian traffic volumes change over time and in response to investment in infrastructure. 
  • To allow the City to make better informed decisions on future infrastructure and safety investments for non-motorized transportation.


Count Resources & Training Materials

Training materials for the City's count have been designed using the MN Department of Transportation's count manager materials. 

2013 Bicycle and Pedestrian Traffic Count
In September 2013, the City of St. Paul Public Works conducted a bicycle and pedestrian traffic count. at 30 locations throughout the city.

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