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Plumbing Permits
Types of work requiring a plumbing permit from SPRWS
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Engineering Division
1900 Rice Street
Saint Paul, MN  55113

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The following types of work require a plumbing permit from SPRWS:

  1. The installation and replacement of underground water services from the property line to the meter and underground piping within the property after the meter.

  2. The installation of backflow prevention devices.
  3. The installation and replacement of water piping above ground after the meter in new and existing plumbing systems when the estimated value of the work exceeds $600.

    #3 Exception: In the city of Saint Paul ONLY, a SPRWS plumbing permit is not required if both of the following conditions are met:

    a) Work is on an existing plumbing system with existing water service.
    b) The contractor has obtained a plumbing permit from Saint Paul Department of Safety and Inspection (DSI) for both waste and water portions of the plumbing system.

Areas requiring plumbing permits
Plumbing permits must be obtained before plumbing work starts in the following cities:

  • Falcon Heights
  • Lauderdale
  • Lilydale
  • Maplewood


  • Mendota
  • Mendota Heights
  • Saint Paul
  • West Saint Paul


This application must be submitted and a permit obtained before plumbing work begins. 

Only a master plumber or a homeowner who lives on the premises can complete and submit the application.

Application for Plumbing Permit (PDF)

Please print the application, complete, sign, and return it along with appropriate fees to:

Engineering Division
Saint Paul Regional Water Services
1900 Rice Street
Saint Paul, MN 55113

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