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View an interactive map of Saint Paul's District Councils.

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District Neighborhood District Council
1 Eastview - Conway - Battle Creek - Highwood Hills District 1 Community Council
2 Greater East Side District 2 Community Council
3 West Side West Side Community Organization
4 Dayton's Bluff Dayton's Bluff Community Council
5 Payne-Phalen Payne Phalen Community Council
6 North End North End Neighborhood Organization
7 Thomas-Dale/Frogtown Frogtown Neighborhood Association
8 Summit-University Summit-University Community Council
9 West 7th/Fort Road Fort Road Federation
10 Como District 10 Como Community Council
11 Hamline-Midway Hamline Midway Coalition
12 St. Anthony Park St. Anthony Park Community Council
13 Union Park Union Park District Council
14 Macalester-Groveland Macalester Groveland Community Council
15 Highland Highland District Council
16 Summit Hill Summit Hill Association
17 Downtown Capitol River Council

Last Edited: October 12, 2021