May 18, 2022

Kamal Baker 

Mayor Carter Appoints Parks & Recreation and Safety & Inspections Department Directors

Longtime City Leaders Andy Rodriguez to Serve Parks and Recreation Department Director and Angie Wiese to Serve as Department of Safety and Inspections Director

SAINT PAUL, MN – Today, Mayor Carter appointed two longtime city leaders with more than three decades of service to Saint Paul as new department directors. Andy Rodriguez will serve as the Saint Paul Parks and Recreation Department Director and Angie Wiese will serve as the Department of Safety and Inspections Director. 

“From his childhood days to two decades of service as a city employee, Andy has invested a lifetime in our nationally-renowned parks & recreation system,” said Mayor Carter “His energy, creativity and vision will benefit our city greatly.”

“Angie has been an invaluable teammate in our work to support residents and businesses these past two years,” said Mayor Carter. “I am thrilled to welcome her into our Cabinet.”

“I look forward to leading our workforce based on the foundation of innovation, responsiveness and equity to ensure that Saint Paul continues as one of the top park systems in the nation and is reflective of the needs of all communities throughout the city,” said Andy Rodriguez.  

“It's with great honor and humility that I accept the opportunity to serve as Director of DSI,” said Angie Wiese. “I know my success, our department’s success, is and will continue to be based in large measure on the support of our DSI team, my fellow directors, our city leaders, and our great community partners.” 

As with every leader Mayor Carter has appointed to a Cabinet-level position, these appointments are the culmination of a community-based hiring process, through which the administration has engaged hundreds of residents in the work of selecting their own leaders. 

Andy Rodriguez has served in the City of Saint Paul’s Parks and Recreation Department since 2005. In his 17 years with the City, he has served in an array of program and management positions, including recreation program supervisor overseeing nine community recreation facilities, and volunteer coordinator for more than 2000 Parks volunteers annually. Since 2019, he has served as Recreation Services Manager, overseeing Saint Paul’s recreation center system which includes 26 recreation centers.  

Growing up in Saint Paul, he engaged extensively in City Parks and Recreation programs, relying heavily on recreation centers, park spaces, programs, and program workers as a source of support and guidance. Andy is a proud graduate of Saint Paul Central High School, and has a Bachelor's degree in Metro Urban Studies from Augsburg University.  

As Director of Saint Paul Parks and Recreation, Andy Rodriguez will provide strategic leadership and management for the City's Parks and Recreation system. He will begin serving as Director of the Saint Paul Parks and Recreation Department on June 4, 2022. Learn more about the Saint Paul Parks and Recreation Department here

For nearly 17 years, Angie Wiese has been championing the health and safety of the City of Saint Paul’s residents and our built environment through regulation, education, and collaborative engagement. She’s served as interim director, Fire Safety Manager, and Fire Protection Engineer, including work handling public information for the Department of Safety and Inspections (DSI). 

Since joining DSI in 2005, she has coordinated complex projects with building officials, architects, property owners and contractors to secure a high level of safety and customer satisfaction through data-driven decision making and leveraging the talent of DSI staff to find creative solutions while maintaining a deep and vital commitment to equity.    

She also served as president of the Fire Marshals Association of Minnesota for eight years and has served as a board member of the International Code Council since 2018. She has a Master of Arts in Public Administration at Hamline University, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University (IN).  

As Director of DSI, Angie Wiese will direct and manage the activities of the City concerning health and sanitation, animal control, housing safety and code compliance, license and permit administration, and environmental issues. Learn more about the Saint Paul Department of Safety and Inspections here.

Fun fact: Andy Rodriguez and Angie Wiese both participated in the City’s Emerging Leaders program in 2015, working on the same team to complete a citywide project around customer service.    


Last Edited: May 18, 2022