Highland Reservoir

What would you do with 4.3 acres along Snelling Avenue?

The site, directly south of the historic Highland Park water tower, has remained largely untouched since the early 1920s.  Now, the Board of Water Commissioners is extending the opportunity to shape the future of the property to the general public. 

The Board issued a request for redevelopment proposals on August 14, which will give people of the Twin Cities the opportunity to cast their vision for the future use of the property.  Both individuals and organizations are invited to share their redevelopment ideas by submitting a letter of intent to Saint Paul Regional Water Services by September 8, 2017.  Board members have maintained an open mindset and will be considering proposals from public and private entities that wish to lease or own the land.

The site in question is currently home to an 18-million-gallon reservoir that was built in the early 1920s.  Changes in water demand have rendered the facility unnecessary, and the reservoir has been out of use for the past three years.  The Board expects that some proposals will involve demolition of the reservoir structure while others might suggest ways to repurpose the nearly 100-year-old structure.  Either path remains a legitimate possibility.

The site rests within the thriving Highland Park neighborhood and is easily accessed from Snelling Avenue.  It offers impressive views of the Highland Park water tower, which will remain untouched by any development alternatives.  The property also abuts the Charles M. Schulz – Highland Hockey Arena and Highland National Golf Course. 

The size of the property and its location open it up to nearly innumerable usage possibilities.  Board members remain steadfast in their commitment to develop the property as an asset to the surrounding the community and have evidenced that commitment by inviting community members to share their ideas for the site. 

Those interested in proposing a redevelopment plan should follow the procedures laid out in the request for redevelopment proposals available here.  The Board of Water Commissioners hopes to have selected a future use for the property by the end of 2017 so that redevelopment may begin in 2018. 

Request for Redevelopment Proposal

Redevelopment Guidance

Reservoir Location and Aerial Imagery

Site Survey

Request for Redevelopment Proposal Schedule Due dates and time frame for the proposal.

As Builts Documents are from the original construction in 1923. It is not guaranteed that the facility remains exactly the same today.

Reservoir Inspections From 1990, these are the most recent drawings that we have available.

Questions on the Highland Reservoir Redevelopment