Fire Safety Tips

Let Me Show You Something: Saint Paul Fire Inspectors give you tips to be your very own fire inspector.

Safety Videos hais ua lus hmoob

Videos de Seguridad en Español

Stove Top Safety (1:17)

Home Fire Sprinkler Tips (2:01)

Space Heater Safety (1:30)

Smoke Alarm Testing and Maintenance (1:15)

Careless Smoking (1:48)

Extension Cord Use (1:50)

Clear Escape Routes (1:25)

Kev Tawn Yooj Yim (Clear Escape Routes) (1.34)

Fire Extinguishers (1:48)

Fire Extinguishers (en Espanol) (2:30)

Fireworks Safety (1:27)


Fireworks Safety (Hmong Version) (1:46)


Fireworks Safety (Spanish Version) (2:00)

Recreation Fire Safety (1:19)

Recreation Fire Safety(Hmong Version) (1:32)

Recreation Fire Safety (Spanish Version) (1:51)


Candles Safety (1:54)


Candles Safety (Hmong) (1:49)


Dryer Vent Safety (1:22)

Dryer Vent Safety (Hmong Version) (1:24)

Dryer Vent (Spanish Version)(1:44)

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