image It's time to relax with automatic bill payment. Save time, save postage, and avoid hassles! With automatic bill payment you elect to have water and sewer bills paid automatically from your checking or savings account. Authorize payments are regularly scheduled with the direct pay authorization form. Proof of payment will appear on your bank statement. We will continue to send you a billing statement as usual, with the amount due and when it will be deducted from your bank account. There are at least 10 days from the time your statement is mailed until the amount is deducted.

How Do I Enroll?

Simply complete the direct pay authorization form sign it and mail it to: Saint Paul Regional Water Services 1900 Rice St. Saint Paul, MN 55113-6810

How Are My Bills Paid?

On the date shown on your bill, we will inform your financial institution of the amount due. That amount will be deducted automatically from your account.

How Can I Verify Bill Payment?

Each automatic bill payment will be itemized on your financial institution statement and on your regular billing statement from us. (Note: If you are now billed quarterly, your statements will continue on a quarterly basis; if you are billed monthly, the statements will continue monthly.)

Are There Charges For This Service?

No. There is no charge for automated payments, and you enjoy the additional postage savings.

What If I Change Financial Institutions?

If you change financial institutions, fill out a new direct pay authorization form sign it, enclose a voided check or deposit slip, and mail to us.

What If I Have Questions?

Simply call Customer Service at 651-266-6350 or email. Remember to continue to pay your bill as usual until the statement indicates the automatic bill payment plan has taken effect.

Last Edited: April 3, 2019