Project Details

The original ductile iron water main in the project area was installed in 1996 and has experienced repeated main breaks over the years. To continue to ensure the reliability of our system, SPRWS will be replacing the existing 8" ductile iron water main with 6" HDPE using a method called pipe bursting. The scope of the project is as follows:

  • Replace approximately 700 feet of 6" cast iron water main on Brompton with 6" HDPE
  • Replace necessary valves and hydrants in the project area
  • Repair and restore any areas disturbed by project activities via a full mill and overlay on both streets

Brompton Street from Como Avenue to Buford Avenue

Project is tentatively scheduled from mid to late July of 2023.

Project Engineer: Matt Dalrymple 651-266-6887

Brompton Project Area

Last Edited: April 4, 2023