We recognize that there are often many complexities associated with moving through review and approval processes for a new project. If you have questions about how to proceed with the permitting or licensing process for your new or existing business, a City of Saint Paul Project Facilitator can help point you in the right direction and guide you through the process.

The Project Facilitator, working within the Department of Safety and Inspections, will help connect you with various staff throughout the City to help work through complex projects requiring multiple reviews. They coordinate with many City departments such as Fire, Police, Planning and Economic Development, and Public Works to streamline internal activities and are specially trained to assist with complex projects requiring multiple reviews.

Goals of the Project Facilitators include to:

  • ensure efficient customer service, timely processes, and quality reviews and approvals
  • increase customer understanding of City regulatory processes
  • increase communication and coordination between customers and City review staff
  • coordinate with other City departments to ensure streamlined internal activities

Project Facilitators will:

  • serve as a customers’ point of contact throughout the entire review process
  • provide customers information about the various approval processes and timeframes required for projects
  • help identify regulatory issues to increase completeness of plan submissions so that reviews proceed in a timely and expeditious manner

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Last Edited: November 2, 2017